Three Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home With Green Energy

Hand Holding Paper House Cutout
The Washington Post reported on a 2012 study analyzing the effect of green features on the price of homes. Using a sample of 1.6 million homes sold in California between 2009 and 2012, researchers found that energy-efficient homes sold for 9 percent more than their counterparts. The trend for home buyers willing to pay a higher price for a green home has continued. Here are three ways to increase the value of your home with green energy.

1. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Before listing their homes for sale, homeowners will often replace the dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. Dishwashers, clothes dryers and water heaters are responsible for more household energy consumption than most homeowners realize. Energy-efficient appliances result in substantial savings on home energy costs for the homeowner. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient models to add value to your home and command a higher price.

2. Energy Star Windows

Replacing old, single-pane windows with Energy Star qualified windows typically saves homeowners up to $500 per year on energy expenses. Some modern, double-pane, single-glass windows waste energy; by replacing those, homeowners can expect an average savings of $100 annually.

3. Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is an economically and environmentally sound choice to supply homes with green energy. Do homeowners benefit from a return on their investment? According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homes with rooftop solar panels sell at a high price. Homes with photovoltaic cells in California were valued up to $6000 higher than homes without solar panels. Homeowners interested in installing solar panels should note that the analysis by LBNL also concluded that buyers new to green energy options may have lingering misconceptions about solar energy. IGS Home Energy Consultants are experts who are qualified to answer questions about energy bills and energy supplies and can recommend energy options for individualized needs. IGS Energy is committed to serving the community with economically sound and environmentally friendly energy solutions.