Can I pick and choose which protected items I want to have in my plan?   

Our protection lines are purposefully packaged together as plans designed to give you the best choices for your home and budget. You may add extra protection for additional water heaters or heating and cooling units for an additional cost. If you have additional units you’d like protected, call us at 877.527.1757 to learn more.

Can I buy an IGS home warranty for a rental property or mobile home?   
No. Our home warranty plans are available only for your primary residence or second home, owned by you and permanently attached to land also owned by you. There can be no commercial use of your home.
Can I buy an IGS home warranty for a duplex I own and live in?   
Yes, but our plans do not protect shared lines. Outside lines are typically shared in a multi-family building. You can still use one of our plans to protect inside lines and non-shared items like your own water heater or heating and cooling system.
A protected item fails when it becomes inoperable and cannot perform its primary purpose as intended by the item’s manufacturer.
Normal wear and tear results from ordinary use as intended by the item’s manufacturer.