4 Solar Innovations from Young Inventors
    RS.SL.DG January ERL Images Youth Solar Movement)

    It is no question that solar is the future of energy, and the younger generations of today will be our industry leaders in the coming decades. And more and more programs are popping up across the country to get youth more involved in solar.

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    How Long do Solar Panels Last?
    RS.SL.DG January ERL Images How Long Do Solar Panels Last)

    If you’re considering an investment in solar panels for your home, it’s likely you’re wondering how long that investment might last. The industry term for solar panel lifespan is the “Degradation Rate,” which describes the output that all solar panels experience over time.

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    Solar Panel Efficiency
    RS.SL.DG January ERL Images Solar Panel Efficiency)

    Scientists are constantly working toward mechanically optimizing solar panel cells to make them more efficient at capturing energy. Technological advances not only increase the efficiency of solar panels, they drive down costs, and allow utilities to rely on solar for baseload power.

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    The Future of Solar Transportation
    CO.SL.DG. The Future of Solar Transportation)

    Did you know that electric cars have been around for over a century and that residential solar panels came into play in the 1950s? Now, the two technologies are in the process of merging together and the future of transportation could be heavily reliant on solar.

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