The Future of Solar Transportation
    CO.SL.DG. The Future of Solar Transportation)

    Did you know that electric cars have been around for over a century and that residential solar panels came into play in the 1950s? Now, the two technologies are in the process of merging together and the future of transportation could be heavily reliant on solar.

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    California Residential Solar Panel Mandate
    Home in California compliant with solar panel mandate)

    When you think of California, it’s likely you think of sunshine, palm trees, beaches, and sun tans. And it’s true: the sun shines brightly in California. That’s why the State of California is mandating solar power in all new homes.

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    Machine Learning & Solar Technology
    Graphic representing machine learning)

    Machine learning can be intimidating. While the process is extremely complex, it becomes far easier to understand when you realize it’s everywhere. Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. Learn how it is impacting solar technology.

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    Solar Panel Batteries
    Solar Panel Battery graphic)

    Most rooftop solar arrays are connected to the grid, but there is another approach that drastically changes the equation: solar batteries.

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