Driving the Future

Our comprehensive approach to CNG means we construct, own, operate, and maintain fueling stations, as well as supply the gas and even transport the gas to you wherever your operations may be. From large-scale, public access to behind-the-fence commercial sites, we’re focused on providing a stable, clean, and domestic fueling solution that best fits your needs.

Car being fueled by compressed natural gas


Improves air quality through dramatic reductions in emissions.

IGS CNG Customer


CNG is typically cheaper when compared to traditional fuels. 
No daily equipment, infrastructure, or capital costs.

Compressed Natural Gas Truck


Drives a more energy-independent country.
Utilizes a natural resource that’s abundant in the U.S.

CNG Consulting

As a turnkey CNG solutions provider, we offer a complete line of products and services for your current CNG fleet, or we can help simplify your conversion to CNG with our comprehensive approach.



CNG Stations

If your fleet follows the same route, or returns to a central hub at the end of every day, you might want to consider your options. At IGS CNG Services, we have the capital ready to install CNG stations along your route to ensure that your CNG fleet will never run on empty. Or, to have even more control over your fuel costs, consider an on-site CNG station. This option allows you to manage one of your most unpredictable expenses with ease.

Find out more about our current stations to see where we’re already located and get a sense of what we might be able to do for your fleet.

Compare Fuel Costs

Use our simple calculator to estimate what your costs could be to convert your fleet to CNG, as compared to using traditional fuels like gasoline.

Fleet size

Annual miles per vehicle

Average fuel MPG

Fuel cost per gallon

CNG cost per gallon

Conversion cost of CNG vehicle

Fuel type
Annual fuel savings
Gasoline Gallons Equivalent
Annual Fuel Cost
Annual Fuel Cost
2.86 Years

Explore Your CNG Options

With developments in technology, improvements in infrastructure, and buy-in from the larger fleets across the country, it’s time to look at CNG for your fleet. The investment isn’t all or nothing…even converting just 10% of your fleet can make a big difference.