How can I save money with community solar?   
States around the country are investing in renewable energy, making it possible for residents to benefit from solar for their homes and businesses. One of those investments is in community solar, where people like yourself can subscribe to a small portion of a solar project built near your community. The energy generated by the solar project is purchased by your electric utility, and subscribers are left with a guaranteed discount on their electric supply costs for the lifetime of their subscription. 
Your savings will depend on how much of the solar array you have subscribed to as part of your membership. IGS will determine how much of the project to subscribe to you based on your annual electric usage. Your savings will also depend on the electricity production of the solar project. You can expect to see larger credits in the summer months, when solar production is higher, and smaller credits in the winter months, when solar production is lower.
One of the greatest benefits of joining a community solar program is that nothing will be installed or added to your home! You will be supporting solar energy with guaranteed savings on your subscription’s supply costs—all without the expense of installation.
No, IGS will notify your utility once you have subscribed to community solar. You will start seeing the discounts applied to your electric bill automatically after your community solar project is turned on. Based on your billing cadence, you may see a delay of 1-2 billing cycles before your credits are automatically applied to your electric bill.

You will continue to receive your electric bill from your utility just as your do today. The difference you’ll notice is that after your solar project is turned on, credits will automatically be applied to your utility bill for the supply cost of the electricity your subscription produced. Through your membership, you’ll pay IGS 90% of what you would have paid your utility for supply costs previously, saving you 10% on supply costs for your subscription’s production each month.

Solar Bill Savings

We want you to receive the full benefits of this program. For that reason, if we notice the amount of production we’ve reserved for you is significantly lower than your monthly electric usage, we may update your account to increase the value of your subscription. This change will not cost you anything and will guarantee you even more savings! If we notice you aren’t using as much electricity as we expected, we may lower your subscription to make sure we aren’t reserving too much of the solar array for your household. If any of these changes are significant, we will reach out to sign a new agreement with an updated subscription amount.
Before you move, please reach out to IGS and we’ll let you know if you are moving to an area that qualifies for your current community solar project. If so, you can keep your current subscription and continue saving money each month! If you’re moving out of the area, we can transfer or cancel your subscription with no fees or added costs.
Your subscription to the community solar project can last 20 years! While your original agreement with us is for 3 years, your membership automatically renews on an annual basis for the lifetime of the solar project.
The Illinois Power Agency developed Illinois Shines to incentivize private companies to develop solar arrays and increase renewable energy produced in the state of Illinois. The revenue that comes from these solar arrays helps fund the initial creation of the solar array, management of the solar array over time, and the guaranteed 10% discount on energy supply costs to subscribers like yourself.
If you’re an Illinois resident, Illinois Shines is the state program that establishes financial incentives to people like yourself for participating in qualifying community solar projects. We encourage you to learn more directly from your state’s program administrator by visiting