General Home Warranty FAQs

As outlined in our service agreement for your chosen plan, protection pays for the diagnosis and repair of protected item(s) that fail during your protection period because of normal wear and tear (normal use).

Diagnosis and repair includes our cost to authorize a service call, determine the cause of a failure, and procure the parts and labor to restore the primary function of a protected item that has failed through normal wear and tear. Examples of services that are NOT included: evaluation, prevention, removal, remediation, or disposal of any hazardous or toxic substance (e.g., asbestos, lead, mildew, mold) or rot or pest damage or repairs of failures caused by them; removing water; deodorization; property damage from water or any other cause; construction, carpentry, or any other modifications necessary to remove, relocate, repair, or install parts or items; closing access to floors, walls, or ceilings; restoration of any affected area (e.g., flooring, concrete, asphalt, wall covering, cabinetry, countertops, drywall, tile, paint, seeding, landscaping); nonstandard service charges (e.g., overtime, travel, weekend, or expedited service charges); crane or scaffold rental; any updates, upgrades, repairs, or modifications to any item, even if required under applicable law; testing required by local utilities or state or local governments; cleaning; routine maintenance; seasonal turn-on/turn-off; lighting pilot lights; replacing missing parts; adding switches, dimmers, or outlets; moving or relocating an item, meter, or any line connected to an item; dismantling, removing, or disposing of failed items; any work for which a required permit cannot be obtained with reasonable effort.

A protected item fails when it becomes inoperable and cannot perform its primary purpose as intended by the item’s manufacturer. Examples of conditions that are NOT failures: violations of building code or other applicable law; under/oversized systems; a malfunctioning or missing part that is not essential to the primary function of the protected item; cosmetic damage or defects; noise; condensation; odors; emission of smoke from an outside sewer line during a smoke test; or low or excessive pressure in a line, whether or not caused by corrosion, sediment, or any other obstruction inside of a line.

Normal wear and tear results from ordinary use (nature and frequency) as intended by the item’s manufacturer. Examples of causes that are NOT normal wear and tear: defects in the item’s design, materials, or manufacturing; improper installation; not fully following the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations regarding use or routine maintenance or cleaning; neglect, misuse, or abuse; alteration; corrosion; sediment; accidents; inadequate electric capacity or improper wiring; power surges or power outage; lightning, fire, flood, smoke, earthquake, storms, mud, freezing, war, riots, or vandalism; animals, pests, or pets; or previous improper or incomplete repairs.

This Agreement is only for your primary residence or second home, owned by you and permanently attached to land also owned by you. There can be no commercial use of your home.

The protected items are listed in this Agreement according to the product purchased. Your product is identified on your Schedule Page. You must own and be responsible for each item. Each item must be designed solely for residential use, assembled and installed by a licensed contractor according to the manufacturer’s specifications and applicable law, connected to the appropriate utility, and in full, proper, and safe operating condition with no failures, malfunctions, or leaks on or before the date your protection begins. If you knew of a problem or another average person could reasonably have discovered it by looking at the item or by using the item on or before the date your protection begins, then that item will not be eligible for protection. The item must be located inside the perimeter of the main foundation of your home (except for outside lines, outside portions of a heating and cooling system, garage door opener, pool or hot tub, or well pump or septic system), and it cannot be encased in concrete. Any item shared with another residence (e.g., shared Outside Sewer Line for a duplex or condominium) is not eligible for protection. If you have more than one item of the same type, then the only protected item under this Agreement will be the first one for which you request service.* (See page 3 of the Service Agreement)

All services provided under this Agreement are subject to the maximum limit of protection for each item, as well as secondary limits of additional protection for certain work related to some items. All limits of protection apply in the aggregate over a rolling 12-month period; each expense of every kind paid for by us will reduce the amount of protection remaining over the next 12 months. For example: if you have a failure with your Inside Gas Line, and if the maximum limit of protection is $2,000, and if IGS pays $1,500 for diagnosis of the failure and repair services, then you will have $500 of Inside Gas Line protection remaining for the next 12 months. To the extent that an item is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or any other repair plan or insurance policy, it is not eligible for protection.

You must call us at the telephone number set forth on your Schedule Page to notify us of any protected item’s failure as soon as you discover it and before your protection period expires. Your protection must have been paid in full at the time of failure in order for us to authorize any service call. If we authorize a service call based on our initial assessment, then we will use reasonable effort to have an independent service contractor contact you within one standard business day. If we determine that a failure constitutes an emergency, then we will make reasonable effort to expedite emergency service. You must provide safe and clear access to the failed item and work area, free of all hazardous substances. We will not pay any contractor not hired by us or reimburse you for any expense that you incur without our prior approval.

If we authorize a service call, and the contractor determines that there is no failure of a protected item because of normal wear and tear, then we may elect to: (a) subtract our cost for the service call and diagnosis from the applicable limit(s) of your protection, or (b) charge you a fee equal to our cost. This section does not apply if you have a product to which an administration charge applies.

Under certain circumstances, we may have the contractor rebuild existing parts or install refurbished parts. If a repair is not practical because an essential part is unavailable, or if you choose to replace the item rather than repair repairable item, then we will provide you with credit or payment equal to either the average cost to us of a similar repair as if the repair had been performed, or the fair market value of the protected item, whichever is less, to be applied toward the replacement of item, after you deliver to us your receipt for your actual cost paid for the replacement. If our cost of diagnosis and repair exceeds the limit of protection then remaining for the item, or if you request service that is not covered, then you must make arrangements with the contractor to pay the additional charges before any services are performed.

If you have a product to which an administration charge applies, then whenever you request service, a charge in the amount set forth on your Schedule Page will apply and must be paid up front via credit/debit card before any service call is scheduled. A separate administration charge applies to each failure, even if more than one failure is addressed during the same service call. The administration charge also applies if you are not present for a scheduled service call, or if you cancel a service call after the contractor is already on the way to your home.

Repairs are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 90 calendar days from the date of repair. To the maximum extent allowed under law, we disclaim all other express and implied warranties, including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Before you transfer ownership of your home during your protection period, you must notify us. You may not assign this Agreement.

We may deliver any documents, including the Agreement, and any notices to your mailing address or the email address that you provide to us. You may update your email address, request paper copies, or request to stop receiving documents and notices electronically by notifying us. You may deliver any notice to us by calling us at the telephone number set forth on your Schedule Page, emailing us at, or sending a paper notice to IGS Home Warranty, 6100 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, OH 43016.

You may immediately cancel this Agreement at any time by providing notice to IGS according to the Delivery of documents and notices section above. IGS may cancel this Agreement at the end of any protection period by providing notice to you at least 30 days before the effective date of cancellation. IGS may immediately cancel this Agreement for your non-payment, misrepresentation, or fraud. If cancellation occurs within 30 calendar days after initial enrollment, then we will fully refund your payment, minus all of our costs to diagnose and/or repair any item(s) before cancellation. If cancellation occurs more than 30 calendar days after initial enrollment, then we will refund your pre-payment on a pro-rated basis for any remainder of your protection period, minus all of our costs to diagnose and/or repair any item(s) before cancellation. If a refund is not paid or credited within 45 days after the effective date of cancellation, then a 10% penalty will be added to the refund for every 30 days the refund is not paid.


No. We don’t have a required rate table. We allow our contractors to submit their proposed rates as part of their on-boarding to our network. We expect those rates to be competitive in the market and volume will go to those contractors who combine an exceptional customer experience with being a cost-effective repair solution for our customers.

We strive to return payment as soon as possible, but guarantee it will not exceed 30 days. 
Our average answer time is under 3 minutes.

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