Understanding Energy Market Cycles
CI.EN.DG Understanding Energy Market Cycles Energy 101_600x250)

Just like the stock market, timing is everything when it comes to energy, too. While there are always exceptions, typical cycles can lead to price fluctuations with natural gas and electricity.

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How Does The Pipeline Work? [VIDEO]
How Does the Pipeline Work)

Ever stop to think about how the natural gas you rely on makes its way to your home or office? 300,000 miles of pipeline across the country make it possible. Find out how gas gets from the producer to your stove, and where IGS fits into the process. Watch our video now.

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How Energy Deregulation Works [VIDEO]

When it comes to deregulation, you’re probably more familiar with how it works than you may realize. Check out our quick video to learn how it may change the way you think about energizing your home or business.

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