The Value of a Bundle
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It’s an age-old marketing term: Product Bundling. But what does it mean? Why do companies do it? And how does it provide value to the customer? The bundle spans all industries.

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Home Warranty: Common Causes of HVAC Failure
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In some of the hottest months of the year, the smallest failures can cause the biggest catastrophes. And when something goes wrong, it can cost you…big. So when your Central A/C is on the fritz, here are a few things to check before you call someone for repairs.

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How to Improve your HVAC System: 3 Tips
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This article is written by Kent Knuth, founder of Knuth, LLC, a full service heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration maintenance company. Consider these 3 things to get the most out of your HVAC system:

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One Homeowner’s Story on Home Warranty
A broken, leaking water pipe)

Read time: 4 minutes “It was great to know that I could lean on IGS Home Warranty, and Ryan, for this situation. Because of their help, our family was spared a lot of grief and money at a time when we really needed it.” - Jimmy

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