Realtor Joe Evans recommends a home warranty to his customers. Here’s why:

Home Warranty Contractor at Work

Realtor Joe Evans

As a realtor in Columbus, Ohio, Joe Evans is loyal to the homeowners and buyers he works with, and he strives to be their advocate throughout the buying or selling process. One of the ways Joe sets up his customers for long-term success is by recommending a home warranty partner that provides superior service.

Joe’s experience with home warranties isn’t just business, it’s personal.

While reviewing their annual budget six years ago, his wife asked him if their home warranty plan was necessary. Working in real estate, Joe emphatically said, “Yes, absolutely.” Four years later and in the period of one calendar year, chaos ensued in their 10-year old house:

  • Their garage door spring sprung,
  • Their washing machine broke down,
  • Their stove stopped working, and refrigerator.
  • Their central air conditioning stopped cooling.

Though these mechanical issues were typical wear and tear, the total price tag for repairs was $19,000. Luckily, the repair costs were covered by their home warranty plan. Otherwise, they would have spent $19,000 out of pocket - an expense they weren’t expecting, and hadn’t budgeted for.

3 reasons why Joe says a home warranty is ‘worth it’

1. A home warranty plan is like your own personal handyman

We don’t all have handy people in our life and a home warranty is a way to be connected to a network of good, reliable contractors who will come out when an issue comes up.

2. A home warranty plan is a time-saver

Why is it that when something breaks, it always seems like it’s the worst timing?

Without a home warranty, if you have an issue due to wear and tear, you will have to find somebody that you trust, schedule an appointment, and pay their fees. With a reliable home warranty plan, all you have to do is a place a quick phone call and your home warranty provider takes it from there.

3. A home warranty allows you to protect your budget

As Joe experienced with his own house, a home warranty plan helped protect his household budget from an unexpected, large expense. The monthly premium fit into their monthly budget and allowed them to avoid headaches down the line.

When you buy a home, most of the time a home warranty plan comes with your purchase. In the case that it doesn’t, Joe says that it’s worth it to buy one on your own.

“We buy warranty products for our phones and computers in case anything happens. choose to pay for warranties on our phones and computers. Here, we are talking about a house that costs, most likely, multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why wouldn’t you choose to buy a couple hundred dollar warranty?”


What to look for in a home warranty plan

When shopping for your home warranty plan, it’s important to know that some home warranties are better than others. Joe offers a few tips of what to look for:

  • Is there a minimum deductible or a cost of a visit?
  • What does the home warranty plan cover?
  • Is it a responsive and reliable company?
  • Is it easy to find the company’s contact information?

Why Joe recommends IGS Home Warranty

Joe isn’t just an advocate for home warranties, he’s an advocate specifically for IGS Home Warranty. Which is why he’s been working with the team at IGS for over 10 years. IGS Home Warranty works for its customers. “Not only does the company offer a variety of home warranty plans to suit your needs, it doesn’t apply a cancellation fee should you decide the product isn’t for you,” Joe said. If you should ever have a home warranty claim, all you have to do is give IGS Home Warranty a call or fill out the online form and we’ll handle the rest for you:

  • IGS will identify a professional from a trusted network of certified contractors.
  • The contractor will contact you (within 24 hours of reporting your claim) to schedule the repair.
  • IGS will guarantee the quality of the covered repair for one year.
  • And a nice bonus? There is no service fee to have the contractor come out to evaluate your problem!

Learn more about relying on IGS Home Warranty plan