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How Weather Impacts Natural Gas Pricing
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Like most commodities, the price of natural gas -- and the variability of that price day-to-day -- is determined by supply and demand. So what impacts demand of natural gas?

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What Are Carbon Emissions
carbon emissions graphic)

It’s certainly a buzz word in the energy industry: carbon footprint. And though it’s pretty easy to use in a sentence, many can’t give a simple description of what exactly a carbon footprint entails.

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Why Don’t All States Have Energy Choice?
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Even if you live in a regulated state, laws are always changing. And being a well-educated energy consumer can help you take control of your energy in many different ways.

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What Are Solar Incentives?
Solar panel array)

If your organization is like many others, finding effective ways to meet your bottom line is everything. And if renewables are appealing to your company, solar can offer numerous benefits, like participating in a sustainable energy future and promoting your business as socially-responsible.

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