It’s Not If, It’s When: Why Home Warranty Matters

A broken, leaking water pipe

While homeowners insurance is intended to cover unexpected issues around the home (think accidental breakages), a home warranty product is intended to protect you from the age- and usage-based wear-and-tear every homeowner knows will happen at some point — but probably hasn’t budgeted for. (Homeowners spend around $2,000 a year on home maintenance services.)

Here’s a real-world example of how a home warranty plan protected one customer from major out-of-pocket expenses.

A story of unexpected expenses

IGS Energy customer and homeowner Jim noticed low water pressure and some general plumbing issues in his kitchen. Forgetting that he’d purchased home warranty protection, Jim called a local plumbing company to come inspect the problem. The contractor charged him $150 to examine the plumbing issue and quoted Jim $1,500 to $2,000 to fix the issue. This initial quote was an extra expense that Jim and his household hadn’t planned for and came at a time when his family was already anticipating high medical bills to hit their budget.

Leveraging an expert home warranty opinion

A week later, Jim recalled that he’d signed up for a home warranty plan with an IGS Energy home energy consultant who happened to be a member of his church. He reached out to the consultant for advice and was connected with the home warranty team to figure out the right next steps. The IGS Energy home warranty team sent a local contracting partner, Puckett Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical, to Jim’s home.

"It was great to know that I could lean on IGS and their team for this situation,” Jim said. “Because of their help, our family was spared a lot of grief and money at a time when we really needed it."

Thanks to his home warranty plan, Jim’s plumbing issue was repaired with the costs covered.

Making the most of your home warranty plan

Home expenses can be unpredictable — but it’s the fact that they’re often costly, too, that really stings. Consider this: In 2022, homeowners spent an average of $6,000 on maintenance and repairs.

Here’s what another IGS customer, Jennifer, recently shared: "I was offered a home warranty product last fall by one of IGS’s representatives. It was the best decision I've made; I recently had to make a claim, and my problem was promptly fixed."

Remember: It’s not a matter of if something will need repaired at home, but a matter of when. A home warranty plan acts as a complement to your homeowners insurance, protecting you from the things that insurance doesn’t cover. If your goal is peace of mind and avoiding major expenses, explore your home warranty options.

For more details, contact IGS Energy's home warranty experts at 888.974.0113.