One Homeowner’s Story on Home Warranty

A broken, leaking water pipe
Ryan, a Home Energy Consultant (HEC) in the Dayton, Ohio area, spends his days building relationships with homeowners in his community. Though sales is part of his job, Ryan is a consultant who uses his energy and home warranty expertise to help people better understand the choices they have available.
HEC Ryan
“The best part of my job is when I can help families protect their home and budgets. It’s not often that I can see the whole process play out, but when I do, it’s pretty awesome.” - Ryan, Home Energy Consultant


A story of unexpected expenses

One day, homeowner Jim noticed low water pressure and some general plumbing issues in his kitchen. Forgetting that he had purchased protection from IGS Home Warranty, Jim called a local plumbing company to come out and inspect the problem. The contractor charged him $150 to simply come out and take a look at the issue, and on top of that, the contractor gave an initial quote of $1,500 - $2,000 to fix the issue. The quote was a lot higher than Jim expected. And the extra expenses came at a time when his family was anticipating some fairly high medical bills to hit their budget.

Leveraging expert opinion

About a week later, Jim happened to remember that he had signed up for a home warranty plan with Ryan, who also happens to be a member of his church. Jim called Ryan and asked for some advice. Ryan was happy to help and connected him with a coworker at IGS Home Warranty. Upon reaching out, IGS Home Services sent a local contracting partner, Puckett Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical, to his house.

Home warranty contractor

Thanks to his home warranty plan, the issue was repaired and Jim didn’t have to worry about a thing. The costs were covered.

“It was great to know that I could lean on IGS Home Warranty, and Ryan, for this situation. Because of their help, our family was spared a lot of grief and money at a time when we really needed it.” - Jim

Making the most of your home warranty

On average, 850 water mains break every day in North America, resulting in unexpected expenses and stress. Fortunately, IGS Home Energy Consultants, like Ryan, are working in communities to help homeowners protect their homes, and their budgets.

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