5 Energy-Saving Tips for Office Employees
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    As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, many businesses are doing their best to increase their energy efficiency and lessen their carbon footprint. However, as individual employees, we also have the power to help cut down on waste, save energy, and become more environmentally friendly in general. Here are a few simple things any office employee can do to save energy at work and help the environment.

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    IGS Celebrates Values Week
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    We believe that businesses should be doing more than just making money; they should also be making a positive change in the world. We defined our company values in 2010 and wanted them to be more than just a list of words on a piece of paper. Our values thread through every project, every customer we serve, every interaction we have, and every decision we make.

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    The Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees
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    We all know the basic benefits that trees provide. They’re good for the environment. They provide a safe haven for nature. They produce the oxygen we need to breathe. On top of all this, they provide a pleasant atmosphere and view to outdoor areas.

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    3 Reasons to Consider Renewable Energy Services
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    As alternative energy sources become more ubiquitous, opportunities to use renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly available. Solar energy, bio-fuels, and wind farms are increasing in popularity and affordability, making the prospect of investing in renewable energy more and more enticing.

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