Employee Engagement is the Foundation of Our Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion Action Plan

DEBI Action Plan 2024

What began in 2018 with a question — "How can we ensure IGS Energy is a workplace where everyone can be themselves and thrive?" — has evolved into a long-term workplace diversity action plan designed by and for our people.

Our Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion (DEBI) action plan, updated in 2024 to reflect key objectives and milestones, is the result of several phases of collaboration, in which our employees offered valuable insight and recommendations for making IGS Energy the best place to work for everyone.

"Since first sharing our action plan in 2021, I’ve watched our team embrace new ideas and ways of doing things — and I’m proud of our people for their willingness to change, grow, and consider new perspectives," said IGS Energy President and CEO Scott White. "Our updated plan reflects what we’ve learned over the last few years — and highlights our commitment to taking a long-term approach toward this important work."

The creation of our DEBI Action Plan

Building a more diverse and inclusive culture requires time, conversation and education — as well as a willingness to take right action and remove barriers to success.

So, why DEBI?

While companies committed to diversity and inclusion work use a variety of words and acronyms, we chose DEBI based on feedback from employees. Here’s what it means:

  • Diversity: All the ways in which we differ from one another
  • Equity: Identifying and eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of some groups
  • Belonging: The feeling of being yourself — and being accepted
  • Inclusion: The act of creating environments in which any person or group feels welcomed, respected and valued to fully participate

In 2021, the IGS team partnered with Raising the Bar Performance Group to create our plan — and to map out four key focus areas: training, dialogue, operationalizing and continuous improvement. As a result of this work, implicit bias diversity and inclusion training is now part of IGS Energy’s essential training.

Recognizing that our commitment is only as strong as the actions that back it up, our first action plan was organized around three primary goals: equitable compensation and representation; equal opportunities for development and advancement; and ensuring IGS Energy is a safe space in which everyone can experience a sense of belonging. Our updated Action Plan adds two important objectives: leader engagement and organization awareness.

"Inclusive cultures are built, in part, from the authentic actions of inclusive leaders," said IGS Energy Chief People Officer Jenni Kovach. "The successful implementation of our DEBI strategy depends on leaders who model and promote behaviors that prioritize self-reflection, the growth and development of diverse talent, and the fostering of a sense of belonging."

Our DEBI work in action

Since launching the first DEBI Action Plan in 2021, several steps have been taken to ensure our recruitment, hiring, and employee experiences are more equitable, including:

  • The introduction of implicit bias training to all leaders
  • The establishment of IGS Energy’s first four Communities
  • The introduction of pay visibility, giving all employees access to their salary ranges
  • The establishment of new partnerships with schools and community organizations, allowing us to connect with a more diverse talent pool
  • Enhanced development resources for employees — and more formalized processes to ensure each employee receives the same skill-building opportunities

A few key data points, gathered from surveys of IGS Energy team members, highlight the organization’s steady progression toward our DEBI goals since this work began. Take a look:

  • 93% of employees replied, “I can be who I am and will still be valued and accepted at IGS Energy. I can be myself around here.” (Compared with 87% in 2019)
  • 93% of employees replied, “I am treated as a full member, here regardless of my position.” (Compared with 85% in 2019)
  • 93% of employees replied, “Management is receptive to employee suggestions to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.” (Compared with 83% in 2019)

We know that the success of our DEBI action plan depends on the hard work and dedication of all of us.

"While we continue to work toward DEBI goals at an organizational level, the core of the DEBI progress lies in the individual actions of all IGS Energy’s employees," said Lorena Gonzalez, a member of the IGS Energy Social Impact team. "This Action Plan is intended to encourage active commitment and to lean into the work that we are already doing, because it is through intentional actions, big and small, that we will strengthen our inclusive culture and continue to advance equity within IGS Energy.

Our commitments