IGS Communities Launch to Further Diversity and Inclusion Work

Two IGS employees having a conversation

One objective of our Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion (DEBI) action plan is to create a safe place – where everyone can bring their whole self and experience a sense of belonging. An important part in reaching this goal is the establishment of IGS Communities, our version of employee resource groups.

An IGS Community is a group of employees who connect based on shared characteristics and life experiences. Each Community is formed to:

  1. Create connection and build a sense of community
  2. Educate employees and leaders on the issues that matter most to our people
  3. Move us to action through programming and projects that increase inclusion and move us closer to our DEBI goals

Our employee-led Communities provide a gathering place and give a voice to groups that are often underrepresented. They're created based on shared identities (i.e., race, military status, gender, sexual orientation) rather than shared interests and hobbies.

Read on for more on IGS Energy's newly established employee groups.

Why We're Establishing IGS Communities

According to the organization Great Place to Work, Employee resource groups – also referred to as affinity groups – have been a fundamental part of workplace culture since the 1960s, when Black employees at Xerox organized to discuss the challenges facing them at work.

Employee groups have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, as employees place more and more value on having spaces in which to bond over shared experiences, expand their worldview and make an impact in their communities. Today, these groups are found at 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Communities offer a unique opportunity to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging – while ensuring IGS Energy is each employee's best place to work. Benefits include:

  • Proving opportunities to network with people across the business
  • Increasing culture awareness among colleagues through education and engagement
  • Creating professional and personal development opportunities

How We're Creating IGS Communities

With the exception of one existing Community – the IGS Women’s Network – IGS’s Social Impact team, which leads the initiative, chose not to pre-establish groups.

Communities are intended to be created by and for our people – and employees will tell the organization which Communities they’d like to create.

We're taking steps each day to make our workplace more inclusive – a place where every employee feels they belong. To learn more, visit Life at IGS.