Energy Efficient Appliances: Getting Your Money's Worth
    Energy Efficient Dishwasher)

    Energy-efficient appliances are designed to help you save on utilities – and, as a result, save you money as well. How can you tell which energy-efficient options will provide the best return on your investment when you choose new appliances and accessories for your home? These tips will help.

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    Energy-Saving Tips for Summer Vacation
    Family at the Beach)

    Summer is the time of year for road trips and beach vacations. Unfortunately, your power bill doesn't get a vacation, too. Here are tips to save energy during your summer vacation.

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    The State of Deregulation in America
    American Flag waving in the wind)

    Over the past several decades, more states have taken steps towards the deregulation of many large scale power companies across the nation. To help you understand today’s state of deregulation for the energy industry, you must take into account how deregulation affects you, your friends, and your family.

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