How Much Electricity is Your Home Using?
    Surge protector with multiple plugs)

    Are you surprised to learn that your hair dryer uses more energy than your refrigerator or washing machine? Using energy efficient appliances and making a few small changes can make a huge difference in your monthly energy consumption. Read on for more surprising details.

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    What is Natural Gas and Where Does it Come From?
    Close up of Gas Burner)

    Have you ever wondered about the gas that heats your home, your stove and/or your water? What is it really and where does it come from? Read on to see how we're still using something that was first found useful in 500 B.C.!

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    10 Quick Tips to Start Using Green Energy
    Solar Panels on a residential home)

    To conserve energy and save on costs, you may unplug your electronics, use CFL lightbulbs, and keep your thermostat programmed at all times. Those steps may help, do you ever wonder if you could do––and save––more by using green energy sources? Take these 10 steps to see how you could save resources.

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    Save Some Cold Cash... Literally!
    Dollar Signs in Snow)

    Taking these simple steps at home will ensure that you're not losing your cold hard cash while we battle brutally cold temperatures across the nation.

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    How Energy Makes it to Your Home
    Orange Sky with Electric Transmission Lines)

    You've read about how energy is generated, and the different ways that it can be generated, but how does it then get to your home to when you flip on the switch? Check out this article for the details that take power from it's high-voltage generation to the a safe level that can be used at your home.

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