Expect the Unexpected with Utility Line Protection

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If you’re a homeowner, there’s a lot you do on a regular basis to take care of it and keep things running smoothly. From mowing the lawn in the summertime and shoveling snow in the wintertime, to changing the furnace filter every few months and doing the laundry regularly, owning a home is a big responsibility.


Are you taking care of and protecting the utility pipes and wires that connect to your home?

Did you know that you’re responsible for the cost of repairs if your lines or pipes fail (from normal wear and tear)? Seems like something homeowners insurance should cover, right? Unfortunately, most policies don’t. On top of this, a recent survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International identified that nearly 25% of Americans don’t have any emergency savings. While financial security is on the rise, unexpected costs could cripple many American families.

Fear not! There is hope.

Because of this gap in coverage, many companies began offering utility line protection plans.

Here are a few signs that utility line coverage might be right for your home.

By paying a low monthly rate, these plans can help you protect your budget from unexpected malfunctions or breaks that can cause thousands of dollars to repair.

You have trees in your yard.

If you take a look at your sidewalks, you’ll find bumps and cracks that are more than likely caused by tree roots. Tree roots naturally grow toward running water, so they’re probably heading toward your sewer and water lines that are underground. These bad boys can cause some pretty significant damage to your pipes – usually over $1,000 – that will have to come right out of your pocket if you don’t have coverage.

You’re a newer homeowner.

If you’ve just recently purchased your home, CONGRATS! Home ownership is a wonderful journey and one of your biggest investments. Since you’ve spent so much on this investment, utility line protection will give you some added peace of mind that your investment is protected.

You’ve reached the 1-year anniversary of your new home.

In many cases, a 1-year home warranty plan is actually included in a buyer’s contract. If you’ve had your home for about a year, it might be time to shop around and make sure your home stays protected.

Your home is 30 (or more) years old.

When homes age, so do the utility lines and pipes around them. These aging pipes and wires are more susceptible to failure, even if they’ve never had issues before.

You have a big family.

Even if you live in a brand new house, constant use of your pipes and wires will cause them to age much quicker. Instead of limiting all of your family members to 5-minute showers, just take out a utility line protection plan to safeguard your budget.

You’d rather spend money on vacation than pay for damages to your utility lines.

Many homeowners opt to self-insure, taking the chance of eating the cost of repairs should something happen. But why spend that $1,000+ on repairs when you could spend it on a beach vacation? Utility Line Protection plans are incredibly affordable and can save you thousands in the long run.

When it comes to home warranties, we’ve got you covered.

By enrolling in a protection plan with IGS Energy Home Services, you can protect your home and your budget from costly repairs. Not only do we take care of the cost of repairs, but we take the hassle out of searching for someone to do the repairs. Our repair service network is made up of local contractors who’ve been licensed, bonded, and fully screened for the work they’ll come to do. We pay for the repairs and guarantee them for one whole year!

Check out IGS Home Warranty plans today!