Do You Need Utility Line Protection?

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For homeowners, there's a lot to consider (and take care of) year-round. From mowing the lawn and shoveling snow to changing the furnace filter every few months and doing regular equipment maintenance checks, the list is a long one.

But for many homeowners, one important task may not even make their list.

Here, we explain the importance of protecting and maintaining the utility pipes and wires that connect your home – and where to begin if this is a new addition to your list.

You're responsible for the cost of line and pipe repairs

As a homeowner, you're responsible for the cost of repairs if your lines or pipes fail from normal wear and tear. And while this may seem like something your homeowners insurance covers, most policies do not. Considering the fact that more than half of Americans don't have enough emergency savings to cover an unexpected $1,000 expense, it's likely that most homeowners would benefit from additional coverage. By paying a low monthly rate, these plans can help protect your budget from unexpected malfunctions or breaks that can costs thousands to repair.

Signs that utility line coverage is the right choice for your home

Unsure if you need additional protection? Read on. 

You need utility line coverage if ... there are trees in your yard

If you take a look at your sidewalks, you're likely to find bumps and cracks caused by tree roots. Because tree roots naturally grow toward running water, they may be heading toward your underground sewer and water lines, and they can cause significant damage to pipes.

You need utility line coverage if ... you're a new(ew) homeowner

Home ownership is a wonderful journey and one of your biggest investments. Utility line protection provides additional peace of mind that your investment is protected.

You need utility line coverage if ... you've hit your home's 1-year anniversary

In many cases, a 1-year home warranty plan is included in your contract. Once you reach that 1-year mark, it's time to shop around and make sure your home stays protected.

You need utility line protection if ... your home is more than 30 years old

Just as your home ages, so do the utility lines and pipes on and around your property. These aging pipes and wires are more susceptible to failure, even if they've never had issues before.

You need utility line protection if ... you have a big family

Even a brand-new home is affected by constant use of its pipes and wires. Instead of limiting all of your family members to 5-minute showers, you can safeguard your equipment with a utility line protection plan.

You need utility line protection if ... you'd prefer to spend money on vacation than damages

Many homeowners opt to self-insure, taking the chance that they'll eat the cost of repairs should something happen. But utility line protection plans are incredibly affordable and can save you thousands in the long run.

IGS Energy's home warranty plans have you covered

By enrolling in a protection plan, you can protect your home and your budget from costly repairs. IGS Energy's repair service network is made up of local contractors who've been licensed, bonded, and fully screened for their work.

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