Where did the “Electric Grid” come from?
    Overhead Shot of Power Grid)

    Despite sounding like something from a science-fiction movie, the grid is actually what we call the intricate network of wires and transformers providing electricity to homes and businesses across the country.

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    6 Tips That Make Growing Up Less Scary
    Group of young adults looking at a laptop)

    Becoming an adult is a delicate balance of pretending you know exactly what you are doing while silently wondering how the rest of the world learned to do grownup things. Where was the guidebook for those people, anyway?

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    Questions to Ask An Energy Company Representative
    Cartoon of residential neighborhood)

    Let’s say an energy salesperson knocks at your front door. Since you have a spare minute before dashing to soccer practice with the kids, you decide to answer it. Before you make any decisions, here are some questions to consider in order to protect yourself and your budget:

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    5 Quick Energy-Efficient Tips to Combat the Winter Blues
    Bundled up woman outside in the snow)

    Sometimes called the ‘winter blues’, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can make you want to binge watch TV, turn up the heat, and waste some serious energy. Ever on the lookout for making better use of our resources, here are some energy-efficient ways to beat SAD and feel great at the same time:

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    4 New Innovations in Business Energy
    Business Energy Innovations)

    From toasters to computers, we all use energy every day. In fact, if you count the businesses who make the things you use or do; the energy going into making your day go smoothly is beyond measure. Here are a few of the energy generation innovations being used by businesses today:

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