Small Business Saturday Spotlight – Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

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Supporting small businesses isn’t just about creating economic opportunities in the local community, it’s also about experiencing unique and personalized service, as well as lowering environmental impact.

As a family owned Columbus-based energy company, we value our local economy and have helped many local companies with their energy needs, such as North High Brewing, Zest Juice Company, and Pistacia Vera, just to name a few.

This November 30th is the 10-year anniversary of Small Business Saturday, a day that encourages shoppers across the nation to support their local companies. To celebrate, we’d like to focus on a small business we’ve been working with here in Columbus: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing.

Serving up to 20 rotating unique beers and a variety of quality foods, Wolf’s Ridge is one of the premiere craft breweries in Columbus. Founded in 2013, Alan and Bob Szuter built the brewery with the idea of supporting their local community. Many of their ingredients are locally sourced, and they pride themselves on innovation and experimentation.

This focus on innovation is what led Wolf’s Ridge to discuss an emerging technology with IGS. In an effort to improve their sustainability, Wolf’s Ridge was looking for ways to make their brewing process more efficient. IGS presented them with a new energy monitoring system that allows the brewers to see exactly how much energy they’re using, separate from their kitchen and dining areas. This allows the brewers to identify ways to improve the process and can even help them with creating brewing schedules and identifying potential equipment failures.

“Our partnership with IGS has helped us look at how we can brew more efficiently,” co-founder Bob Szuter said. “This not only helps us save energy but helps us achieve our goal of being a sustainable brewery.”

Additionally, IGS can also access the energy data in order to better customize solutions for other breweries that are interested in using this technology, such as Land Grant Brewing Company. 

IGS is proud to support small businesses, not only in Columbus, but across the entire country. Whether it’s customizing an energy plan, installing energy-efficient LED lights, or tailoring energy-saving technology for specific needs, IGS can provide small business owners with innovative solutions.

And, if you own a small business and want to explore your energy options, visit our website to see what we can help you with today!