An Energy Partner Invested in Your Business

Everything we do is designed to empower you to harness energy options that meet your needs. That's because our priority is doing what is best for your business. Since 1989 we’ve been working with businesses of all sizes to customize the right solutions. Our commercial team pairs organizations with products to help them achieve better control of their energy costs.



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Regardless of how you choose to take advantage of market opportunities, IGS Energy has an electricity product to meet your needs.

Through a simple conversation, we will formulate a customized electricity solution for your business, balancing the appropriate cost components based on factors such as your risk appetite, your current rate structure, and historical usage. All to ensure you have better control of your electricity costs.

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Natural Gas

Regardless of your industry or usage, IGS Energy can customize a natural gas solution for your business.

We do this by balancing the appropriate cost components, while also considering your risk appetite, current rate structure, and historical usage. We’re here to make sure you feel confident that your natural gas supply needs are in good hands.

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When it comes to solar energy, the benefits are plentiful, such as lowering your exposure to utility rate volatility, supporting a lower carbon future, and creating local jobs. By partnering with IGS Solar, you tap into expertise to help you hedge your power costs for longer than typical commodity hedges—and often at a discount to the market.

Through our model, you simply pay for the energy the solar system produces, and IGS takes care of the rest.

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Compressed Natural Gas

Affordable, clean, and domestic, compressed natural gas (CNG) offers an alternative fueling option to fleets across America. Even better, the environmental impact is much less when compared to traditional fuels. Here at IGS CNG Services, we’re so passionate about creating opportunities for businesses to convert their fleets to CNG that we even use our own capital to remove the capital costs.

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Combined Heat & Power

Generating power can be a wasteful process, with a lot of unused heat generated. Combined heat & power (CHP) systems put this heat to use. That’s because these systems produce electricity and capture thermal energy from one system at your facility. They tend to be far more efficient than traditional power systems, which use off-site power plants to generate electricity. Efficient, stable, and reliable, CHP solutions from IGS Generation offer a host of benefits to commercial customers.

Commercial LED Lighting


Lighting Solutions

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to light your business, we’ve got you covered. By retrofitting your facility with LED lighting, you can reduce your overall electricity consumption. With Lighting Solutions from IGS Energy, you can keep the focus on your core business while we help recommend environmentally-friendly options that deliver the greatest value to your organization.

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Witness Group

Hotel Investment, Construction and Management Firm
based in Central Ohio


With multiple properties located throughout the country, Witness Group sought to consolidate their natural gas and electricity supply terms for all their locations. Additionally, they were interested in pursuing energy-efficient solutions for their facilities. Together, IGS and Witness Group developed innovative opportunities for their properties.