President of IGS Energy Named Social Entrepreneur of the Year

IGS Energy Headquarters in Dublin Ohio

Dublin, OH -- Congratulations to Scott White, president and CEO, IGS Energy, who was awarded Ernst & Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year last night. This award is designed to honor an entrepreneur who has used their private sector skills and creativity to help the community overcome social or environmental issues.

Through Scott’s leadership, IGS Energy has thrived through socially responsible initiatives such as Compressed Natural Gas vehicle fueling stations, distributed generation projects and the LEED Platinum certification of IGS Energy’s headquarters.

In addition, Scott also serves as CEO of IGS Energy CNG Services, which is making progress on the first of three Compressed Natural Gas fueling stations in West Virginia. The compressor, a critical piece of equipment used to pre-compress natural gas for storage in holding tanks, and the dryer used to remove moisture from the natural gas stream were recently installed at the Bridgeport location, moving one step closer to supporting West Virginia’s conversion to natural gas-fueled vehicles.

“We are positioning ourselves to be a leader and advocate for change in the energy industry,” said White. “We believe in being a driver of innovation and efficiency, while fulfilling our commitment to finding better ways to meet consumer’s energy needs.”

About IGS Energy:

Founded in 1989, IGS Energy is one of America’s largest independent energy suppliers and a leading advocate for change in the energy industry, committed to efforts that will improve the way we manage and consume energy resources. Today, we serve more than 1 million residential, commercial and industrial customers across the United States.