IGS Solar Helps New Jersey Fairgrounds Create Sustainable Energy Future

IGS Solar Helps NJ Fairground Install Solar Panels

Dublin, OH, March 1, 2016 – IGS Solar, LLC, a turn-key commercial and residential solar provider, recently partnered with Alternative Energy Associates and KG Solar, a full-service solar developer and a division of KG Companies, based in Sparta, NJ, to install nine rooftop solar arrays at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ.

IGS Solar financed, owns, and operates the systems (508 kW total size), which are now in operation. IGS is committed to helping non-profit organizations like the Fairgrounds secure financing for solar installations through a third-party ownership structure. “Our model allows both non-profit and for-profit organizations to bring cost-saving solar energy solutions to their facilities without the typical upfront costs or ongoing maintenance responsibilities. We are truly excited about the relationship we’ve formed, and look forward to being a long-standing sustainability partner with the Fairgrounds,” said Patrick Smith, vice president of IGS Solar.

IGS Solar uses a simple Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract to help organizations avoid the financial strains often associated with solar energy solutions. PPAs have been signed for additional IGS Solar projects being installed in other locations throughout New Jersey, including Whiting, West Hampton, and Toms River.

The Fairgrounds’ system is designed to meet 92 percent of their annual power needs. The New Jersey State Fair, held at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, celebrated its 75th year in 2015. Gary Larson, manager of the Sussex County Fairgrounds said, “Working with IGS Solar gave us the opportunity to install solar throughout our fairgrounds without the significant upfront costs that prevented us from owning the system ourselves. This project reinforces our commitment to environmental stewardship by promoting sustainable energy development.”

About IGS Solar

IGS Solar, a turn-key commercial and residential solar provider with nearly 25 megawatts under development, provides homes, businesses, and communities with an opportunity to participate in creating a sustainable energy future with no upfront investment. As an affiliate of IGS Energy, IGS Solar is dedicated to delivering innovative solar energy solutions. For more information, call (866) 801-9928 or visit IGSsolarpower.com. Connect with IGS Solar at linkedin.com/company/igs-solar.

About Sussex County Fairgrounds

The Sussex County Fairgrounds, located in Augusta, NJ, serves as the hub for year round entertainment and education for residents of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The Fairgrounds is most well-known for the annual New Jersey State Fair, the largest agricultural fair in the state. Celebrating 75 years in 2015, the Fair located to its permanent fairgrounds in 1976, and since then has provided buildings, grounds and horse rings for year round events. Festivals, horse shows, livestock shows, walkathons, fishing contests, craft shows, weddings & corporate events share the grounds with an agricultural learning center. For more information about the Fairgrounds and a calendar of events visit: www.njstatefair.org.

About KG Solar

The KG family of companies has been serving the NJ construction market for over 25 years. Started in 1988 as KG Builders, it has grown in size and scope to become a major supplier of construction, electrical, renewable energy and real estate development/ holding; and services to the local community.  With a primary focus in solar, KG Companies is a leader in this field and is committed to the implementation of new energy technologies. To learn more visit www.kgcompanies.com.

About Alternative Energy Associates

Alternative Energy Associates (AEA) was founded in 2003 and has been a leader in advanced energy solutions ever since.  In 2008, AEA was recognized by the State of New Jersey for its achievements in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry. Specializing in solar and wind energy, along with geothermal processing and home efficiency, AEA prides itself in its ability to meet its customers’ energy needs while offering the best possible savings.  Find out more by visiting www.altenergy1.com .