IGS CNG Services has Purchased Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station in Orrville, Ohio

Trucks powered by Compressed Natural Gas

Orrville, OH -- IGS CNG Services announced it has purchased a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station from Smith Dairy Properties Inc. in Orrville, Ohio. The station will be open to the public including other fleets in the area that utilize CNG.

The sale gives Smith Dairy a strong partner in CNG and allows them to better focus on their core business while providing IGS CNG Services the opportunity to own and operate the established CNG fueling station.

The acquisition of the Orrville station will be the sixth station in the IGS CNG Services network that offers CNG to the public. The other five are located in Youngstown (OH), Dublin (OH -- constructed and owned by the City of Dublin), Charleston (WV), Bridgeport (WV), and Jane Lew (WV).

This station will service a growing number of Ohio businesses and citizens who are converting to natural gas vehicles (NGVs) as a way to save money and use a clean, Ohio fuel.

“Our goal is to develop a CNG infrastructure in the Midwest that serves businesses and individuals utilizing CNG,” said Scott White, president and CEO of IGS Energy, parent company of IGS CNG Services. “Our plan responds to the emerging market demand for fast, convenient refueling of CNG vehicles. We want to create the opportunity to travel all over the region without a worry of whether you can find a spot to fuel up with compressed natural gas.”

“CNG is a great technology for us and we use it in nearly 25% of our vehicle fleet today.  Every year, we look to grow its use in our business. The sale is a great win for us as it brings a solid partner to the table for our on-going needs in CNG energy and allows us to better focus on our core food and beverage operations,” said Steve Schmid, president of Smith Dairy Properties.

Natural gas offers an abundant, affordable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to gasoline or diesel as CNG vehicles become an increasingly popular transportation option. This station will offer a convenient location in the Orrville area for drivers to refuel with CNG in approximately the same amount of time it would take at a conventional gasoline station.

Overall, CNG is a cleaner burning alternative fuel to traditional fuels, emitting up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide, up to 75 percent less carbon monoxide and up to 95 percent less particulate matter than gasoline or diesel. The fuel also costs substantially less than the price of gasoline, is approximately 30-40% below current diesel prices, and is produced domestically in states including Ohio. Currently, there is more than a 100-year natural gas supply in the United States alone.

About IGS CNG Services

IGS CNG Services is a complete solutions provider to the natural gas vehicle industry. Currently, IGS CNG Services is focusing on building CNG stations throughout the Midwest  providing CNG fueling solutions and helping customers navigate this growing industry by utilizing domestically-produced energy resources.

Its partnership with IGS Energy provides the expertise necessary to help customers navigate this rapidly growing market. As traditional fuel costs continue to burden large and small fleet transportation operations, IGS CNG Services offers products and services which can reduce barriers to CNG adoption.

Services offered include:

  • Ownership and operation of large, fast-fill CNG fueling stations;
  • Consulting and modeling to ensure optimal return on investment and capital requirements for fleets;
  • Risk mitigation services to provide users a long-term fixed CNG price driving fuel savings;
  • Supply of small time-fill vehicle refueling equipment for home or small business use.
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