IGS Tips: Change Your Business’s Futurescape with Smart Technology


It seems silly to say that technology has made things much simpler and more efficient. But in the business world, simplicity and efficiency are crucial to future-proofing the company’s bottom line. Whether you’re trying to increase productivity, automate processes, create an engaging workspace, or simply hire the best and the brightest, you can use technology to give you an edge.

We heart technology here at IGS. Here are some of our favorite ways to use it to make our business smarter:

Use technology to close the gap between in-house and remote teams.

The world is becoming more and more mobile by the minute. From running a globalized business that demands 24-hour access in all time zones, or simply a desperate cry for work-life integration, remote and flexible schedule work is on the rise. Without the proper technology and processes in place to make remote and flexible teams successful, you could be depriving yourself of a huge candidate pool.

Technology to consider:

  • Project Management Tools
  • Cloud-based File-sharing Tools
  • Video and Chat Applications
Use technology to better serve your customers…and find new ones.

How you treat customers is increasingly important in the world of business. With customer reviews showing up all over the internet and all over social media, one poor customer experience can make or break your marketing budget. It’s best to handle customer service inquiries quickly and thoroughly, be open to feedback, and have multiple contact methods.

Technology to consider:

  • Chatbots
  • Survey Platform
  • Social Media Customer Service Funnel
Use technology to create a functional, efficient workspace.

Sure, Ping-Pong tables are cool. But do they boost your office’s download speed? Probably not. Your workspace should be tested and optimized for fast connectivity. The more technology demands connectivity, the more important speed and capacity become. A comfy chair, expensive finishes, “fun” elements, and free snacks are really nice, but do you have enough outlets to support computers, phones, tablets, printers, projectors, headphones, and anything else that may need to be plugged in at any given time? 

  • Separate network for guest connectivity
  • Signal boosters with proper furniture configuration to eliminate dead spots
  • Upgrade your router

Optimize Your Business Energy

In addition to new technology, innovations in energy have opened the door to a more efficient and cost-effective business model.

Learn more about our innovative approach to customizing energy solutions for your business.