Green Companies Committed to Environmental Sustainability

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As the trend of ‘going green’ only increases in necessity and popularity, more consumers are investigating whether or not the corporations they buy products from are doing their best to lessen their impact on the environment. In fact, a survey found that more than 80% of people respect companies that are environmentally friendly. Maintaining an environmentally-friendly image is more important than ever to many companies, and while some are doing it to simply keep up appearances, others are going above and beyond to help save the planet.

Here are a few major companies that are taking major steps toward environmental sustainability:


In 2015, Apple invested $850 million dollars into a solar farm. Apple also announced that they were working towards the goal of using renewable sources for 100% of the paper packaging for their devices. Additionally, they announced their intentions to make their entire supply chain powered by renewable energy.

Much of Apple’s efforts will also be focused in China, which has had issues with unsustainable pollution and deforestation in the past.


Apple isn’t the only tech giant that’s trying to help the environment. Google’s data centers are the most energy efficient on the planet, and even officially hit their 100% renewable energy target last year. Additionally, they have supported multiple green energy projects, and this past January announced plans to install 1.6 million solar panels in Tennessee and Alabama.

Bank of America

In addition to providing over $126 billion in financing to low-carbon and sustainable companies, Bank of America launched a company-wide effort to cut back their reliance on paper. In a 5-year period, they were able to reduce their paper requirements by 32%, and they began an internal recycling program which recycles around 30,000 tons of paper per year.

Bank of America is also helping reduce CO2 produced by commuting workers by offering a $3000 cash-back reward to employees that switch to hybrid vehicles.


One of the most fuel-efficient auto makers in the US, Honda uses solar arrays to power their campus in Torrence, California, as well as wind turbines to power some of their transmission plants.

What’s more, Honda has developed the Clarity Fuel Cell, a vehicle that runs on hydrogen rather than traditional fossil fuels. As this technology becomes more ubiquitous, it could lessen our dependence on gasoline and diesel, and could help lower CO2 emissions as a result.


From investing in renewable energy to developing new compostable solutions for their cups, Starbucks is at the forefront of multiple different campaigns to help the environment. Last year alone they began to phase out plastic straws, pledged to build 10,000 greener stores, and began using new recyclable lids.

Starbucks has also found inventive ways to re-use old coffee grounds, including allowing customers to use them for compost in their gardens and even turning them into furniture in South Korea.

Be Eco-Friendly, it’s Good for Business!

These are just a few examples of major, globally recognized brands that are doing their part to not only reduce their environmental impact, but actively help the planet. 

Going green isn’t a short-lived fad, it’s the future of sustainable business models. And, for newer generations, it’s an important factor when it comes to purchasing decisions.

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