PJM Price Formation: Upcoming Changes to Fast-Start Pricing
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In an earlier blog highlighting PJM’s price formation proposal, we discussed one aspect of price formation, which was related to transforming the way reserves are priced into the market. Here, we’ll cover the latest developments on another aspect of price formation, known as fast-start pricing.

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The Value of a Bundle
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It’s an age-old marketing term: Product Bundling. But what does it mean? Why do companies do it? And how does it provide value to the customer? The bundle spans all industries.

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How much does my electricity cost?
RS.EN.DG. How Much Does My Elec Cost)

Reading an electricity bill can be a confusing process. Understanding kilowatts, how energy is measured and billed, and which household appliances are using electricity can make it challenging to grasp how much you're spending.

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How Weather Impacts Natural Gas Pricing
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Like most commodities, the price of natural gas -- and the variability of that price day-to-day -- is determined by supply and demand. So what impacts demand of natural gas?

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What Are Carbon Emissions
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It’s certainly a buzz word in the energy industry: carbon footprint. And though it’s pretty easy to use in a sentence, many can’t give a simple description of what exactly a carbon footprint entails.

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