IGS Champions: Making a Lasting Impression

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Laurie Lapinskas

Inbound Sales Representative

On a routine call with a customer, Laurie learned that the inside of that customer’s home had been damaged recently by a fire. The customer had to rent a place for a few months while the damage was being repaired. Laurie spent an hour on the phone with the customer, allowing her to share her story. After shedding a few tears, Laurie felt the pain and anguish in the customer’s voice. She purchased a $25 gift card to Home Depot and sent it to the customer as a housewarming present. When she was able to return to her home, the customer called Laurie and expressed her gratitude.

Making a lasting impression.

Laurie could have just moved on from that call. But her interactions with customers are much more than a phone call. She tries to make each interaction feel like one she’d have with a friend or a family member. By slowing things down, listening to understand, and putting herself in the customer’s shoes, Laurie is able to educate, build relationships and engage with the customers she speaks to.

“It makes my day when I get the customer laughing. When they thank me for being patient and helping them understand more at the end of the call, that really means something,” Laurie said. “Some of my customers call me back just to say hello. I love that. It means I made a lasting impression!”

Our commitment to you matters.

Our commitment to our customers, our communities, and our people is to be transparent, loyal, connected, reliable, and caring. People like Laurie help fill the IGS Customer Solutions Centers with passionate, dedicated people, who are ready to listen to and help our customers whenever they need it.

At IGS Energy, we stand by our word, and that word is commitment. Our customers are the reason we’re here doing what we do every single day. So whether you’re a current customer with a question or issue, a potential customer who is curious about our product offerings, or just someone curious about the energy industry, we’re here to help.

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