IGS Celebrates Values Week

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We believe that businesses should be doing more than just making money; they should also be making a positive change in the world. We defined our company values in 2010 and wanted them to be more than just a list of words on a piece of paper. Our values thread through every project, every customer we serve, every interaction we have, and every decision we make.

Every year, we dedicate one week to celebrating our core values with our employees, who are the true heartbeat of our company. Each day of Values Week focuses on one of our 5 core values, and there are activities, opportunities, and rewards that correspond with each value:

Exceptional Customer Experiences 

Customers are why we exist.

Our passion for exceptional customer experiences provides the framework for how we do our jobs. Whether we work with customers directly, or support those who do, we take pride in our individual roles in growing the business by working to deliver extraordinary value. Essentially, we work hard to earn and keep the customer’s trust.

How we celebrate:

  • Our Solutions Center team is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience every single time. Because it is important to be available for our customers nationwide, it is not always easy to participate in values week activities.
  • Other groups in the building are dedicated to bringing the food trucks, games, and prizes, to them.

Continuous Improvement:

We are always looking for ways to surpass what we’ve already achieved.

At IGS we’re relentless in our pursuit for personal and professional development and are committed to improving in every aspect of our business. Additionally, rather than only addressing things that have happened, we’re always being proactive and identifying areas of improvement in our process and customer experience.

How we celebrate:

  • Fearless Nutrition shakes and a group fitness class 
    • Continuous improvement does not stop in the workplace, it is important that our employees are the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.
  • Desk cleaning supplies
    • IGS is heavily focused on mental wellness, as well. During values week, this means encourage employees to clean up their work space, organize, and create a healthy and focus oriented space for themselves to be productive.


We do the right thing even when other paths may be easier.

We know that building and nurturing long-standing relationships with our customers is the key to longevity. That’s why we continue to build products and services with transparency in mind, so consumers know exactly what they’re getting.

How we celebrate:

  • Volunteer fair
    • Local nonprofits visit our corporate location to connect with our employees. Many of our employees enjoy volunteering but may not know how to connect with the right organizations. That’s why we bring the organizations to them!
  • E-waste recycling
    • We provide a simple way for employees to bring in their old electronics, and we will dispose of them in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner. 


We encourage thinking beyond the obvious and challenging the status quo.

No matter what we’re working on, we seek better, simpler approaches. Whether it is a new product, a new process, or a new way of seeing the world of energy, we deliver practical solutions that work.

How we celebrate:

  • During Values Week, there will be a lunch and learn with employees who have focused on innovation at IGS (read more here), so all employees are able to learn and grow from the experience.
  • OotBox
    • IGS has partnered with OotBox to provide an off-site work space complete with a TV, dry erase board, and plenty of natural lighting. During values week, anyone who works in the OotBox will be entered to win fun prizes.


We are one company, one team, with common purpose.

Our culture emphasizes collaboration, idea sharing, and respect for differing perspectives. Because of this, we love to celebrate one another’s successes, and believe in making a positive impact with each other, with customers, and in the communities where we live, work, and do business.  

How we celebrate:

  • Camaraderie will be celebrated on Friday, but really, the entire week is defined by camaraderie. From trivia, to pumpkin picking, to fitness competitions, to enjoying special meals together, camaraderie is at the heart of IGS.

These core values go so much farther than values week, but just like any holiday, we want to take time each year to celebrate. 

At IGS, we want to change the future of energy, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re always developing, expanding, and empowering the industry’s most knowledgeable workforce by adding talented people in all our areas of business, including Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, IT, Operations, Risk/Finance and Supply.

If you’d like to join our team and change the future with us, apply now!