Committed to Conscious Capitalism

IGS Energy employees at reCharge 2023

In an era in which many corporations are viewed as profit-hungry and unconcerned about employees and the communities they serve, businesses that subscribe to the Conscious Capitalism movement have a different view. "We have a whole generation that does not believe in the idea of capitalism," said IGS Energy CEO Scott White in a presentation to employees in 2023. "This is based on the bad behaviors they’ve grown up seeing in corporate America — most of which stem from these companies’ sole pursuit of profits."

Thankfully, many businesses are doing great things for society as well as their customers. These businesses recognize the value of balancing business interests while positively impacting the world.

The tenants of Conscious Capitalism

At IGS Energy, we strongly believe "doing business" is about more than making money — and put our purpose over profits.

Our purpose is to build a sustainable energy future for a healthier planet. For us, this means leading with pragmatism as well as innovation to develop and provide low-carbon options that are cleaner, reliable, and affordable.

To achieve this purpose while supporting our people, our customers, and our communities across the U.S., IGS Energy is committed to the tenants of Conscious Capitalism. These are:

  1. Higher Purpose: The notion of purpose over profits is key. With a strong sense of purpose, all stakeholders are more inspired to participate and feel connected to the overall mission of our business.
  2. Stakeholder Orientation: Everything is connected, and when a business commits to creating value for all their stakeholders, everyone is poised for success, including, but not limited to, those with a financial interest.
  3. Conscious Leadership: By working together, a business can truly thrive. Conscious leaders look beyond themselves to bring others along with them — including those inside and outside the organization. Success here contributes to the next principle, "Conscious Culture."
  4. Conscious Culture: Caring for your people and other stakeholders builds the groundwork for a conscious business. Trust is created when employees and stakeholders feel passionate and committed to the business mission. This is truly the foundation of Conscious Capitalism.

A philosophy inspiring corporate America

Countless CEOs have taken a stand with the Conscious Capitalism movement. The movement was popularized by John Mackey, co-founder and CEO at Whole Foods, and economist Raj Sisodia. Together, they wrote "Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business" and co-founded the nonprofit organization, Conscious Capitalism, Inc., which has 26 chapters worldwide. IGS Energy was a founding member of the Columbus, Ohio, Chapter for Conscious Capitalism.

When IGS Energy first announced its commitment to Conscious Capitalism, CEO Scott White shared: "A business is inherently good when it creates value for the world beyond profit. This means that — in addition to being a profitable and innovative energy company — we aim to achieve success in a way that contributes back to the world we all live in."

How Conscious Capitalism comes to life at IGS Energy

Since our founding more than 30 years ago, IGS Energy has been focused on doing the right thing and putting customers first. Our founder, Marv White, recognized the importance of being a responsible business while using resources to help others when possible. As IGS Energy has grown, our "purpose over profits" mentality has been a constant. At every level of the organization, there’s a commitment to innovation and making things better in the world. Whether it’s helping a school better control their energy costs by financing a solar power system, offering paid parental leave to employees, or letting customers know when their contract is about to expire, we’re deliberate about the decisions we make and ensure they’re in alignment with doing the right thing.

"The Conscious Capitalism movement basically formalizes the things we’ve been doing all along," White said. While doing the right thing often requires greater resources, that’s a worthwhile investment in the eyes of IGS Energy leadership. Vice President of Marketing and Social Impact Jen Bowden shared, "There are times when IGS must make decisions that cost the company more money, but we have a track record of doing the right thing by our employees, our customers, and our community. We think about those on the other side of the equation — our stakeholders — and don’t focus solely on how much money could be lost or gained."

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