6 Questions You Should Ask When an Energy Salesperson is at Your Door

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    Let’s say an energy salesperson knocks at your front door. Since you have a spare minute before dashing to soccer practice with the kids, you decide to answer it. Before you make any decisions, here are some questions to consider in order to protect yourself and your budget:

    1. Can the salesperson explain clearly who he/she is representing?

    Energy suppliers are independent companies and do not represent the utility, so if the agent at your door claims they are from the utility, exercise your right to question them.

    2. Can the salesperson provide a solicitation permit upon request?

    If your area requires one, it is expected that you request to see this. If the individual can’t provide a permit, ask why not.

    3. Can the salesperson provide proper identification?

    Ensure that their ID matches the company uniform along with their explanation for the visit. If it is a photo ID, make sure the photo matches the appearance of the individual at the door.

    4. Is the salesperson asking to keep a copy of your bill?

    Feel comfortable with your decision to purchase from the salesperson before showing your bill. And, be wary of a salesperson who asks to keep a copy of your bill. There is no need to do so.

    5. Can the salesperson answer questions and/or provide information for review?

    Make sure the sales rep can answer your questions and can offer you materials or resources to review for more details.

    6. Are copies of the contract and cancellation details available upon request?

    Be sure you have a clear understanding of the agreement and cancellation terms (along with any associated fees) before signing anything. The above questions are important for consumers to keep in mind when it comes to door-to-door energy sales. Remember that energy suppliers are here to help you make energy choices that fit your needs, so salespeople who are working for a reputable energy supplier should make you feel comfortable with your concerns and confident about any decisions. To learn more about energy choice consumer rights in your state, visit the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers. IGS Energy has a team of field sales representatives called Home Energy Consultants (HECs), who are trusted advisors committed to helping consumers understand their energy options. This professional team can help answer questions about your utility bill, provide expert advice on your energy options, and is happy to provide an explanation of how IGS Energy works with your local utility.

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