IGS CNG Services Partners with City of Dayton to Bring Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station to the Area

Trucks powered by Compressed Natural Gas

DAYTON, OH– Today, IGS CNG Services announced its plans to construct and operate a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station in Dayton, Ohio. This station will service a growing number of Ohio businesses and citizens converting to natural gas vehicles (NGVs) as a way to save money and use a clean, Ohio fuel.

With construction set to begin this summer, this station marks the continuation of IGS CNG Services’ plans to develop the infrastructure necessary to support Ohio’s conversion to natural gas fueled vehicles. The station is located at the City of Dayton’s fueling station Department of Public Works - 1830 East Monument Avenue, Dayton, 45402 – at their existing fueling station on the city’s property. The station will have two dispensers with up to four hoses and its own canopy. This location will also be open to the public, bringing a clean, affordable, and domestic fuel to local business and residents.

The Department of Public Works and the City of Dayton have chosen IGS CNG Services as their partner due to the company’s experience working with other county and city municipalities, along with their expertise in building, owning, and operating CNG stations. The Dayton station will be the seventh (7th) station in the IGS CNG Services network that offers CNG to the public.

IGS CNG Services plans to develop a regional CNG fueling corridor and recently announced a plan to construct a CNG fueling station on I-75 in Findlay, Ohio. This planned corridor will service a growing number of businesses looking for easy access to CNG stations while traveling through the region.

“The City of Dayton is in the process of purchasing CNG-dedicated vehicles for our fleets, refuse and maintenance trucks in order to save on fueling costs, as CNG is approximately 40 percent cheaper than diesel,” states Fred Stovall, Public Works Director. “We will implement the inclusion of CNG vehicles gradually, but this CNG station will be extremely helpful in this initiative.”

“Our plan for a CNG fueling station responds to the emerging market demand in Ohio for fast, convenient refueling of CNG vehicles,” said Scott White, president of IGS Energy. “Natural gas offers an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly alternative to gasoline or diesel. Because natural gas is both abundant and produced domestically, vehicles fueled by natural gas are becoming an increasingly popular transportation option. This station will offer a convenient location and enable drivers to refuel in about the same time it would take at a conventional gasoline station.”

Overall, CNG is a cleaner burning alternative fuel to traditional fuels, emitting up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide, up to 75 percent less carbon monoxide and up to 90 percent less particulate matter than gasoline or diesel. The fuel also costs substantially less than the price of gasoline and is produced domestically, in states including Ohio. Currently, there is more than a 100-year natural gas supply in the United States alone.

About IGS CNG Services

IGS CNG Services, currently focused on development in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, is a complete solutions provider to the natural gas vehicle industry. Its partnership with IGS Energy provides the expertise necessary to help customers navigate this rapidly growing market. As traditional fuel costs continue to burden large and small fleet transportation operations, IGS Energy CNG Services offers products and services which can reduce barriers to CNG adoption. Services offered include:

  • Ownership and operation of large, fast-fill CNG fueling stations;
  • Business consulting and modeling to ensure optimal return on investment and capital requirements;
  • Risk mitigation services to provide users a long-term fixed CNG price driving fuel savings;
  • Supply of small time-fill vehicle refueling equipment for home or small business use.
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Founded in 1989, IGS Energy serves more than 1 million residential, commercial and industrial customers across the United States. IGS Energy is one of America’s largest independent energy suppliers and a leading advocate for change in the energy industry, committed to efforts that will improve the way consumers manage and consume energy resources. IGS’s CNG vehicle stations are a testament to this fact as the company focuses on providing solutions and helping customers navigate this growing industry by utilizing domestically-produced energy resources. For more information, visit IGSenergy.com