IGS Generation Announces New Combined Heat and Power System at the Dublin Community Rec Center

Close up of Gas Burner

Dublin, OH – IGS Generation, sister company of IGS Energy and a turn-key provider delivering onsite energy solutions, has completed construction of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system at the Dublin Community Recreation Center (DCRC) in Dublin, Ohio.

Using waste heat from the engine, the CHP system provides hot water and heating for the indoor pools at the DCRC. Additionally, it is nearly twice as efficient as traditional power generation, and will deliver backup power during outages.

The DCRC sought better efficiency to power their facility using an onsite generation solution. This 248 kW system was installed on their property, which meets approximately 60 percent of the facility’s electrical and heating demands. “By generating power near the point of consumption, capturing waste heat, and taking advantage of local resources, CHP uses energy in a smarter, more sustainable way,” explained Patrick Smith, vice president of IGS Generation. “Using one fuel source, electricity and thermal energy are generated at the same time which is much more efficient.”

As part of the project, the DCRC and IGS Generation entered a 15-year agreement which helps provide stability to the DCRC from energy market fluctuations. Development and construction of the system was co-managed by Hull and Associates, a project development and engineering consulting firm also based in Dublin.

In general, onsite CHP systems are often up to 90 percent efficient, as compared to traditional generation sources, which are in some cases only up to 45 percent efficient. Fuel sources that can be used in CHP systems include natural gas (as is used at the DCRC), landfill gas, sewage gas, and biogas. CHP can help to enhance reliability by reducing risk of power loss, improve grid stability by limiting grid congestion, and may help decrease greenhouse gases and other pollutants.  

About IGS Generation

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