Why considering an energy supplier makes sense

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Considering what’s most important to your business ensures you can get just what you’re looking for when it comes to your energy.

In states that are deregulated for energy supply, you can choose to buy your natural gas or electricity from the utility or an energy supplier. A supplier is a company that’s separate from the utility and can secure competitive pricing for your business.

Suppliers are incentivized to offer a greater level of customization and cost control for their customers, which keeps them competitive. In turn, they can reinvest in innovative products designed to benefit their customers. Let’s take a closer look at what choosing a supplier can do for your bottom line when it comes to operating costs.   

How does buying energy from a supplier give you price predictability?

Suppliers look at your previous utility bills to evaluate your facility’s unique energy usage profile. This helps suppliers develop a plan to help you achieve goals specific to your business. They typically hedge energy based on your chosen term, risk tolerance, and market conditions.

Working with an energy supplier that can customize pricing may help you better plan for your energy costs, giving you more peace of mind and reliability when it comes to budgeting for your operating expenses.

Stability can mean different things to different businesses and across industries. The right energy partner will take the time to evaluate your unique usage and understand what you’re hoping to achieve. This helps them recommend the best blend of products and services to help you succeed, while also maximizing favorable market conditions.  

How will my utility bill change if I choose a supplier?

When you select a supplier, you may notice some slight changes to your utility bill. Every utility is different, but generally speaking, you will see your supplier’s name as a separate line item under the section where detailed charges are listed. It will be included separate of the utility’s total charges for the delivery to your business and will also list the per-unit cost for the commodity. This is the rate you negotiated with your energy supplier. 

If all energy suppliers do the same basic things, how do I know which one is right for my business?

Energy suppliers purchase energy for their customers on the open market, but it’s the unique value that each provides that can make one a better fit for your business over another. For instance, are they transparent when it comes to contracts and pricing? Are they committed to making a positive difference in the world — not just profits? Do they focus on building trust with customers?

Considering what’s most important to your business ensures you can get just what you’re looking for when it comes to your energy.

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