Maintaining Your Home’s Rooftop Solar Panels

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Homeowners across the U.S. have turned to rooftop solar panels to generate renewable energy for their homes while supporting the environment. By installing rooftop solar on your home, you can rely less on your utility and also potentially save thousands of dollars through the lifespan of your panel system.

Of course, your array will require a bit of maintenance to maximize your solar panels' efficiency. The good news: This maintenance can be very easy and infrequent. And there are ways to reduce maintenance costs up-front, depending on the panels you purchase. There are also services available to complete the cleaning and maintenance process for you.

How to reduce solar panel maintenance costs

Your residential solar panel maintenance is largely dependent on how the solar panels are designed and installed. When installing solar panels, you can reduce maintenance costs by:

When you should hire a solar panel cleaning service

If you are deciding between DIY and hiring a cleaning service, here are some considerations:

Maintenance costs

  • Costs are dependent on the number of panels. The average cleaning cost is $5-10 per panel.
  • You should also factor in the size, location and accessibility of the individual panels.
  • Some companies will offer a flat rate up to a certain number of panels.
  • Thumbtack is a website that can help you find an estimate for cleaning services in your area.

Safety considerations

  • If you're doing the cleaning yourself, be mindful of the mineral count in your water; hard water can leave water spots that might reduce panel efficiency.
  • Depending on where your panels are located, you may not by physically safe enough to take on maintenance work yourself.

If you decide to contact a professional maintenance team, there are likely several options where you live. Start by contacting your manufacturer, doing your own local research or referring to the Better Business Bureau. Find more ways to find a commercial cleaning company for your solar panels here.

Solar panel care should no longer be a concern for those deciding to take their commitment to the environment a step further by adding solar panels to their homes.

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