Making Solar Accessible

When it comes to solar energy, the benefits are plentiful. And, when you consider that electricity prices have increased over the past several years, going solar can provide a great opportunity to manage your long-term energy costs.


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Ways to Go Solar

We’re committed to making it easy to go solar. Whether you choose our lease option, or pay for the energy with our industry-leading Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you can rely on us as the solar provider you can trust…today and tomorrow.

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Lease the equipment from IGS; all the power is yours to keep.

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Monthly payments are based on the systems production level—pay only for what’s produced at competitive rates.

What to Know

Keeping things easy and transparent is our commitment to you. We'll keep you informed every step of the way.

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Design and install the system

Insure and maintain the solar energy system


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Pay for the energy produced by the system

Purchase or request system removal at contract end

How Billing Works

We're all about keeping the process of solar billing easy to understand. With each monthly billing cycle, you'll receive two bills, one from your utility (as you always have), and one from IGS Solar. Here is what you can expect:

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IGS Solar's bill will include a charge for ALL of the energy your system produces or your lease payment.

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Your utility's bill will include a charge for any utility grid power used.


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Your Solar Production

The amount of electricity your system produces will vary, due to changes in seasons, weather, and other conditions.




Your system may produce less power during the winter, meaning you’d rely more on your utility’s grid power for your monthly electricity needs. As a result, you’ll likely be paying more to the utility, and less to IGS Solar. In the summer, your solar production may increase due to longer periods of sun. You’d probably require less grid power because your system might meet most of your needs. Most utilities will also give you a credit for any excess generation you don’t use.

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Get Some Credit

When your solar production exceeds your home's electricity demand, your utility will credit you. The way each utility applies the credits varies, so be sure to check with yours to determine how it's handled.



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Net Metering

IGS Solar will install an additional meter on your home to track your production levels in real-time, which is linked to your existing utility meter. When your utility meter counts backward, this means that your solar system is producing more power than you need, and that power is being sent back to the utility. This information is used to generate the bills you’ll receive from IGS Solar and the credits from your utility.



See If Solar is Right For You

There are a variety of factors that can make your home a good candidate for solar. Here are three of the top considerations.

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South-facing is ideal.

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Your roof is in good condition or you plan to have a new one installed.

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Your roof gets lots of sun with minimal shade.

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