How much energy does my business use?
    How much energy does my business use)

    As a business owner, understanding your expenses is an important part of streamlining your business. By knowing what you spend on energy, you can make a few changes to your energy usage and reduce your operating costs and your business’s impact on the environment.

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    Facts about Green Energy: 9 things you didn't know
    Solar panel arrays and wind turbines)

    Maybe you’ve looked into green energy for the environment, but there’s so much more to it than that. So what is green energy’s impact on the world, apart from the environmental benefits? To answer that question, here are nine things you may not know about green energy:

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    6 New Sustainable Business Practices
    Hands forming a heart around a small globe)

    The importance of sustainability and its impact on business practices has become undeniable. Recently there has been a global shift away from consumer-based economies and cultures to ones that are conserver-based.

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