We Can't Take All the Credit for Powering Your Home Series: Part 2

Wind Turbines and fresh water inside a light bulb

Modern power companies are all built on the foundation of knowledge developed by past scientists, and it can be argued that one scientist stands out more than others for building that solid foundation. Thomas Edison started the first industrial research lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey, and history was made there. Who exactly did all of the inventing that went on inside those walls is still debated today. However, the man changed the world by being able to process ideas. These ideas would have likely gone nowhere without his research lab and tireless work. Imagine if he were around today to tackle some of our energy problems. A green energy company could use a man like Thomas Edison to push ideas into a new, cleaner era of energy.

Inventions Credited to Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison has 2,332 patents, so it would not be possible to list all his inventions here, but here is an overview of a few of the most notable that he was credited with inventing.

  • Phonograph
  • Incandescent lightbulb
  • Electrographic vote recorder
  • Printing telegraphs
  • Dictaphone
  • Carbon microphone

Edison founded 14 companies, including General Electric. He credits his mother's belief in him at a young age with his belief in himself after his teacher gave up on him. Thomas Edison's tenacious spirit and curiosity were concentrated at the right time in history, and he started a new era in America. We have not been the same since. IGS Energy is a new kind of energy supplier. We are an energy supplier that thinks outside the box for cleaner, green energy for every household. New innovations are being made daily to improve not only the environment but your energy bill, because energy should not be costly to the environment nor should it take a chunk out of your pocket. Soon, energy will be even greener and less expensive.