Save Some Cold Cash... Literally!

Dollar Signs in Snow

Take these steps to help cut back on your winter energy use and keep your cash in your pocket.

  1. Turn Down the Thermostat: There's a price to keeping your home toasty. Dropping the temperature just 5 degrees for eight hours per day can cut your energy bills down. If you install a programmable thermostat, you can achieve the savings while you're asleep or at work and never even feel a difference in your comfort.
  2. Use Ceiling Insulation: Not having adequate insulation is like going outside without wearing a hat — your home's heat will rise out of it and the cold air will sink in. Adding R-38 insulation to your attic could cut your heating costs significantly.
  3. Take Care of Drafts: Don't let your furnace do all the work. Look for passive ways to maintain a comfortable inside temperature. Each winter, check the caulk around your windows and reapply it when necessary. Do the same with the weather stripping around your doors. Also, check that pipes and other fixtures don't have any gaps for cold air to come in through the walls.
  4. Use Natural Heat from the Sun: If you've ever sat in a sunbeam, you know just how powerful the sun is. Each morning, open the blinds and curtains for your eastern facing windows to allow the morning sun to heat up your home. Close them when you leave for work or when the sun shifts to the southern sky. Do the same thing with your western windows in the afternoon, and then close your blinds at night to keep out the nighttime cold air.