Eco-friendly Tips to Greenify Your Spring Cleaning

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Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to open the windows, clean out those closets and drawers, and deep clean those surfaces. But don’t let your annual cleaning spree dirty up the environment.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your spring cleaning eco-friendly this season:

Greenify your cleaning products. Whether you choose to make your own cleaning products at home, or you opt to purchase them at the supermarket, there are many benefits of choosing eco-friendly cleaning products. Chemicals can cause a multitude of health and safety issues in the home, so eliminating them can lessen those risks.

Recycle. It’s one of those words that ALWAYS comes up when you’re talking about being eco-friendly. But that’s because it’s one of the easiest ways to be kind to the Earth. Technology continues to make more and more items recyclable, so before you toss anything in the garbage, check to see if you can recycle it!

Donate or sell unwanted items. Haven’t worn those boots for two years? Decluttering your living room? Made the mistake of opening a dusty box in the attic? No matter what you’re looking to get rid of, as long as those items are still in working order, they can likely be donated or sold. Online marketplaces, thrift shops, pawn shops, churches, shelters, and nonprofits are frequently searching for gently used items, so try a quick Google search or ask friends and neighbors where to take items.

Reuse anything you can’t donate or sell. The market for repurposed, restored, and reused items is plentiful. And with great ideas available all across the internet, you can quickly find new ways to repurpose your unwanted items that can’t be donated. 

Hang your laundry out to dry. One of the best things to do after a long, cold winter is give everything a good wash. If the weather is conducive, hang your items outside to dry rather than tossing them in the dryer. The benefits go beyond saving energy, so invest in a clothesline or drying rack. 

Spring Cleaning is Just the Beginning of Greenifying Your Home

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