Why Go Green?

    Renewable energy is the future. IGS Energy’s go green™ products give you an easy and affordable way to support energy initiatives that embrace all forms of domestic energy production while expanding existing conservation efforts. Going green can reduce carbon emissions and support better public health.


    Large-scale solar panel installation



    The conversion of sunlight into electricity is made possible with the special properties of semi-conducting materials. It can be harnessed through a range of ever-evolving technologies like solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants, and artificial photosynthesis. Learn more about solar solutions from IGS.

    Mountain top windmills



    Wind energy is produced by wind turbines, which have rotating blades that harness the wind’s kinetic energy. Wind turbines contain generators that harness the mechanical energy from the spinning blades to generate electricity. The U.S. currently generates enough electricity through wind to power 23.5 million homes.

    Water flowing over a dam



    A hydroelectric power station uses water flow to power a turbine. The turbines are connected to generators that produce energy using water currents. The amount of energy generated is determined by the speed the water flows. Therefore, a swiftly flowing river will generate more electricity than a slower moving current.

    Utility lines side by side


    Landfill Gas

    The waste we generate ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and produces landfill gas made of approximately 50 percent methane. This gas can be captured and used to fuel electric generators. Since large landfills must burn off this gas to reduce the hazards arising from gas buildup, this method of renewable energy is one of the most successful.

    Power Plant



    Biomass is produced when organic wastes – like trees, wood waste, and agricultural residues – decay. This waste can be converted to fuel through combustion for the generation of electricity.

    How Does go green™ from IGS Energy Work?

    The grid is supplied by a variety of sources—some that produce more pollution than others. Once in the grid, the electricity that flows to homes and businesses is a mix of all sources of generation. When you enroll in a go green product from IGS Energy, we’ll make sure that for every kWh of electricity you use, a kWh from a renewable source is put on the grid, reducing the amount of energy generated from non-renewable fossil fuels.

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