A Worthwhile Investment: Mental Health

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Investing in our employees’ professional development is undoubtedly important, but we recognize that devoting resources to support their health is just as essential. This includes conditions you can see and those you can’t…like mental health.

Today, over 44 million American adults live with a mental health condition. While access to medical coverage is definitely critical, it doesn’t stop there. Personal and workplace support can be very impactful, too. Unfortunately, there is still a significant stigma when it comes to mental health, which can widen the gap between patients and critical resources.

Taking action for the better

In an effort to support employees’ mental health, IGS has partnered with Mental Health America of Franklin County (MHAFC), an organization focused on addressing mental health needs in the area. “MHAFC is incredibly grateful for the four-year partnership we’ve had with IGS. As a mental health advocacy organization, it brings us much joy to see the care IGS takes to create a healthy work environment,” said Maggie Hallett, EdS, LPC, director of development and workplace health for MHAFC.

By the Numbers

1 IN 5
 Adults experiencing mental illness in a given year

1 IN 25
Adults experiencing serious mental illness in a given year that interferes with or limits one or more major life activities

Percentage of people with mental disorders receiving professional care in the last year

Through the partnership with MHAFC, IGS has trained people leaders to create awareness around mental health, offering classes focused on mindfulness, meditation, and hypnosis. Additionally, construction of a dedicated ‘quiet room’ was just completed at the corporate headquarters, to provide space for prayer or meditation. The room is also equipped with a meditation app on an iPad, available for employees’ use.

Robust mental health benefits

IGS also offers an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) available to employees and members of their household, whether or not they are participants in the company’s health plan. As part of the program, a variety of resources designed to address stress-related, emotional, and psychiatric needs are available. Mental health appointments with professionals are even offered by phone for better accessibility.

“We recognize that achieving true balance in life is tough, but through our benefits, we’ve worked hard to give employees the resources and flexibility necessary to address/prioritize their mental health needs any time,” said Frizzi.   

Small steps can make a big difference

Employers can play a powerful role in supporting mental health. “We’re proud to be doing our part to support employees and their families’ emotional well-being,” said Frizzi.

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