What is Community Solar?

What is community solar?

There are two ways you can benefit from solar energy: by installing a solar panel system on your own property, or by participating in a community solar project. (Learn more about solar here.)

You can choose to work with an energy company like IGS Energy to have rooftop panels installed, so that the electricity generated on your roof goes straight into your home (after passing through an inverter!).

Or, you choose to participate in a community solar project, through which you'll enjoy the benefits of solar – both economic and environmental – without needing to install panels at home.

Community solar is a great option for people who are unable to install solar panels on their roofs – whether that's because they don't own the property, aren't ready to make the investment in rooftop panels, or don't have the right conditions to support a rooftop system due to shading, roof size or other factors.

Take a look at how community solar works:

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