Saving with Rooftop Solar: How it Works

Overhead shot of a residential community

If you’ve ever considered making the switch to solar, you’ve likely wondered: Is it worth it?

For many Americans, it's now easier than ever to experience the benefits of solar — including the cost-savings that drive many to explore solar in the first place.

Here, we offer a high-level look at how a rooftop solar lease works — and how this process can result in lower electric bills for you and your household.

How you save with solar

Consumers have a few options when deciding to go solar, from purchasing to financing. One of the simplest ways to finance solar for your home is through what's called a solar lease. Leasing your footop solar system allows you to take advantage of both the environmental and financial benefits of going solar.

With a solar lease, you have a fixed monthly payment that includes installation, maintenance, and the power your system generates. This means you get a customized solar system on your roof without lifting a finger.

solar: how it works

How to go solar

Ready to make the switch? The process is simple — and just four steps:

Proposal validation

Confirm your home meets structural and local code requirements.

Welcome call

Meet the project manager dedicated to your entire solar experience.

Initial appointment

Review panel layout, estimated power generation, and your projected savings.

Site survey

Inspect your roof and electrical systems to ensure readiness and compatibility.

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