Life at IGS Energy: Meet Anthony Walls

Anthony Walls

You can't have a great workplace without great people.

At IGS Energy, we're lucky to have a tight-knit community of people dedicated to building a better future for our customers and our planet. In this article, we're highlighting one of those team members, Anthony Walls.

Anthony joined IGS Energy in 2018 as a member of our claims team, supporting our home warranty customers. Since 2019, he's been a member of the IT department. As an information technology support administrator, Anthony and his team make sure that our systems are "up-and running and looking good."

Before joining the company, Anthony, who has a background in music theory, composition and production, ran his own company. Outside work, he's a full-time musician. "My main instrument is the drums, and I can play the piano when needed, but please don’t ask me to sing," Anthony said. "Because I will sing ... but the question is, should I be singing?"

And earlier this year, we tapped Anthony (and his talents for both tech and emceeing) to host our reCharge Summit.

Here, Anthony shares a look at life at IGS Energy.

What drove your decision to join the IGS team?

I’ve been with IGS for about 5.5 years, and it’s definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my family. I decided to come on with IGS because I’d heard about the amazing culture and I was eager to be with a team where I felt valued and not like a number.

In your time here, what’s your career path looked like?

I started off in the Solutions Center and within about a year, I moved into IT with the Business Technology Services (BTS) team. On the BTS team, I’ve had the opportunity to do several stretch assignments with other IT departments including the Collaboration, Network, and Systems Administration teams.

What’s been your top “IGS memory" to date?

Easy: The opportunity I received to host the reCharge event.Anthony Walls hosting reCharge 2023

How did the idea of purposeful work play into your decision to join IGS?

I’m naturally a person who loves to help people and having that opportunity to do so here with IGS was one of the driving reasons for me to join.

Thinking about all the people we've positively affected and looking forward to all of the major projects that we're working on to better the future for our planet makes it exciting and all worth it.

The things that make a culture “great” vary for everyone – what about the IGS culture do you most appreciate?

It’s the simple things for me; the fact that people say ‘good morning’ every single day goes a long way. Everyone always seems to be in great spirits when I speak with me. And the fact that IGS treats me as a real person and encourages me to focus on my mental health just means the world to me.

How has being part of an IGS Community added to your IGS experience?

I'm a member of Melanin Moments. It’s been great to collaborate with those who look like me, think like me, and have been through similar experiences to me. It just adds to the overall experience that I’ve had with IGS. It brings about a second sense of family within the organization.

What's one thing you want people to know about IGS?

When you work here, you're valued. You matter. Your family matters. What concerns you concerns the company. When you're passionate about something, the company willingly and openly listens.

When you look toward the future, what excites you most about what's happening at IGS?

The fact that we’re continually growing. It just amazes me to consider how the company looked when I first onboarded and how it looks today. I’m expecting that we’re going to continue to grow like this and make an even greater impact. Anthony Walls and daugther

I'm excited to see our solar and biogas divisions expand. I’m all for using natural resources so that we can move away from the things that are causing the planet to degrade. I’m hoping we can continue to make this planet a habitable one for my daughter and the generations beyond her.

And personally, I’m really looking forward to getting deeper into the IT space. There are so many paths to take within IT, and I’m grateful that in my position I’ve had the amazing opportunity to explore a lot of them and see which one will most benefit my future and interests.

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