Life at IGS Energy: Meet Maha Kashani

IGS Energy sales manager Maha Kashani

Since joining IGS Energy in 2016 as part of an acquisition, Maha Kashani, a senior sales manager on our commercial and industrial sales team, has been an integral part of the IGS community.

"Over the years, I've had the privilege of watching Maha grow in her career — and grow as a person. She's one of the hardest working people I know," said Pat Keeley, director of C&I Sales at IGS Energy.

Not only has her dedication to the sales team resulted in major wins for the company, but her commitment to her community is a source of inspiration for her colleagues.

"In addition to working with Maha, I also consider her to be a great friend," Keeley said. "It's been just as exciting watching her grow over the last five years as a mom and wife. I often wonder how she balances work, family, and commitments in the community while excelling at all of them."

Here, Maha shares some highlights from her career and a deeper look at life at IGS Energy.

On Trying New Things

My career path had its share of initial challenges. At my previous company, I was being developed to take on a specialized role focused on large and complex energy consumers. In Ohio, there was a growing interest in structured products for these clients, and my company emerged as a leader in that space. At the time we were acquired, IGS had just begun exploring this segment. During my first year at IGS, I was met with challenges as we tried to navigate what my expertise meant to this business, and what my career path would look like. I remember grappling with self-doubt and questioning myself as we all do when presented with challenges. I immediately loved the people and adored the culture; everything was truly amazing about IGS. But it seemed I would have to reinvent myself.

Toward the end of my first year, management approached me candidly and expressed appreciation for my contributions but acknowledged my struggle. They wanted to reimagine my career path. Despite the uncertainty I felt, I chose to trust in our leadership team and the process.

In 2017, I began moonlighting in the IGS Solar business. It was an exciting time, with so much attention and focus on solar. I decided to put my head down and learn as much as I could about the solar industry, distributed generation, sustainability, utility tariffs, and more. After initially struggling to accept my new path, I found my place on the solar team and felt like I was really providing value. Management was right — it was a good fit.

However, over time, I came to recognize that my genuine passion was the dynamic and fast-paced environment of C&I Sales, with its inherent excitement and challenges. Our C&I products and services were evolving, and I realized that there was an opportunity to once again play in the space I grew to love. After a year and a half moonlighting in the solar industry and leveraging the knowledge I gained, I made the decision to transition back to C&I Sales on a full-time basis. In 2020, I was promoted to Senior Regional Sales Manager and have been working to continue to grow this business every day since then.

Despite my initial challenges, I had faith in this business and the path I was on here at IGS. This organization is exceptional, the people become like family, and the culture is unlike anything I have encountered before. I knew I had to stick around and see what the future held for IGS, and I am immensely grateful that I did.

On Making Memories at IGS

One of my top memories has to be the first day at 6100 (our office in Dublin, Ohio). We were learning about IGS, meeting the people, exploring the building, enjoying lunch with fellow sales reps, and absorbing the culture first-hand. It was the beginning of our new chapter with IGS — a magical day etched in my memory full of introductions, excitement, and hope.

The positive work culture here is truly incredible. The way we treat colleagues like long-time friends and take care of them like family. The way we are compassionate to our core and offer support whenever our people are in need. The high level of trust we all have in each other. And our endless efforts to learn this industry, strengthen our business, and inspire each other to grow. These are what I appreciate most.

On Finding Purposeful Work

While I didn’t join IGS in the traditional way, I can absolutely attest that this is "more than a job." Things like our commitment to conscious capitalism, social responsibility, and protecting our planet make the work we do clearly purposeful. But for me, it’s more: It is the ability to get in front of a prospective customer, educate them about our business, build their trust, and deliver a meaningful energy price management solution — then continuing to build and grow that relationship.

Now, I don’t win every deal. But I don’t let the losses slow me down. I take each loss as an opportunity to learn, grow, and try again. And over my career there are deals that I’ve lost three, four, five times — only to keep showing up with that positive and helpful attitude to finally win it on the sixth time.

This internal drive to delivery for my customers gives me personal purpose, and having the privilege of waking up and going to work for an industry leader like IGS who strives to prioritize their community, grow their people, and also protect the planet is just icing on the cake. This is way more than a job; we are here to change the world and leave it a better place than where we found it.

On the Future at IGS

When I think of the future, what excites me the most? The seamless integration of customer-sited distributed energy resources coupled with generation supply agreements, all supported by the local distribution company. We’re not quite there today, but change is knocking at our door. The old energy model is outdated, and the next phase of the energy revolution is where customers can be empowered to invest in resources that will allow them to connect and disconnect seamlessly from the grid, without the utility holding them back. We’re close!

Our commitment to being a leader amongst our peers in this green energy revolution is amazing. Through our products, services, innovations, and investments I do believe that we can change the world.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve our business, but what gets me excited is imagining where the industry will go. Wondering how fast energy will continue to evolve over time, while confidently knowing that IGS is ready and waiting to take charge, rise to the occasion, and meet the challenge ahead.

On Life Outside of Work

I’ve always had a deep sense of duty to improve my community. As a result, I take a very active interest in the community and serve in various leadership roles for organizations including: Chairwoman for the Better Business Bureau serving Dayton & the Miami Valley, Executive Board member for Solvita, a blood and tissue donation nonprofit, Board of Directors for Day Air Credit Union, The Women’s Board of Dayton Children’s Hospital, Citizens Committee for Centerville City Schools, and the Investment Advisory Council for Montgomery County, Ohio.

While my husband jokes that my hobbies are volunteering and serving on boards, I see them as my duty to the community and being a productive citizen of society. Especially as an immigrant. I also have two amazing daughters, Lana and Lara, who motivate me to be the best possible version of myself every day. It’s amazing when you become a parent, it’s no longer about you. Everything I do is for my girls. Watching them watch me, and absorb the example that I am setting, is so incredibly fulfilling.

I also love to write, paint, and cook, though writing and painting have fallen by the wayside since becoming a mother; finding the time has proven impossible. But cooking has been a long-time passion of mine. I love making traditional Persian dishes and enjoy getting creative in the kitchen allowing the dinner preparation journey to take me wherever it wants to go. In Persian culture, food is a labor of love and one that you happily take on to nourish your family. There is something so meaningful to me about preparing and serving a meal to nourish their souls.

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