IGS Energy’s Commitment To Community Service

IGS Employees Doing Community Service
IGS Energy, volunteerism and community service are a part of our culture. We are passionate about serving the communities where we live, work, and do business. Whether it’s our field office employees, those employees located at our headquarters, or the company as a whole, IGS’ers are making a difference in their communities.

IGS Impact, our community investment programming, is an extension of our purpose-driven culture. Our company and foundation programs focus on creating positive change in the areas of energy sustainability, social enterprise, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, we support organizations and causes that our employees are passionate about.

Saying we’re passionate about volunteerism and community service is one thing. So, it’s important that we put it into action. At IGS, we offer our employees so many opportunities to give back and get involved. Here are a few of our favorite ways:

Day of Service

Every year, IGS employees across the entire company put up out of office messages and head out for an entire day of community service. In 2018, over 800 employees volunteered 4,887 hours at 65 organizations across 7 states. Check out our 2018 Day of Service video here.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

IGS employees receive VTO to go and serve organizations that are important to them. Many teams also choose additional times to go and volunteer as a team.

Dollars for Doers

For each hour an IGS employee volunteers at a nonprofit organization on their personal time, IGS donates $10 back to the organization.

Employee Leadership Grants

The IGS Foundation provides grants to employees who serve organizations in a leadership capacity or want to start an organization of their own.

Renewable Energy Corps

A partnership with GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit that organizes opportunities to bring solar energy to underserved nations and neighborhoods. These IGS employees travel around the country and around the world.

Matching Gifts

IGS wants to double the impact of their employees’ charitable giving and will match employee charitable gifts, dollar for dollar.

We have big plans to continue growing our programs, but we know it’s important to reflect on where we’ve been. Check out our 2017 Impact Report to see what we accomplished last year!