Bundle Up this Winter with Operation Warm and IGS Energy

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This year, Operation Warm – a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Philadelphia – celebrates its 20th year of service by donating its 3 millionth coat. Since 1998, Operation Warm has worked to provide warmth, confidence, and hope to children in need through the gift of brand new winter coats.

IGS is proud to partner with Operation Warm for the fourth year in a row as part of our Bundle Up campaign. From November 13, 2018, to March 3, 2019, Bundle Up gives IGS customers, current and new, the opportunity to bundle their products and donate a new coat to a child in need through Operation Warm.

Why new coats?

The benefits of a new coat far surpass just physical warmth. A new coat gives a child confidence that a second-hand coat cannot. It empowers kids to play outside with pride, socialize with their peers, and even attend school. A new coat also brings a renewed sense of hope to children and to their parents, reminding them that there are people in their community that care about their well-being and future.

Who gets the coats?

Operation Warm works with community partners to identify children in need in local communities. The organization has completed coat giving events all over the country, serving over 1,200 communities in 2017 alone. Typically, children who receive Operation Warm coats in these communities attend a Title 1 school – a school where 40 percent or more of the students who attend are at or below 150% of the federally-prescribed poverty level. Children may also be identified by living in a shelter, or through a human service agency or other direct-service organization.

Is the need really that great?

In 2017, there were 19 million children in families that receive public assistance and 14 million children living in 100 percent poverty in the U.S. The 100 percent federal poverty line for a family of four in 2018 is $25,100, but social welfare researchers say it would take an income of about twice that amount to achieve basic financial security.

How can you get involved?

Join the IGS family. When you purchase two or more IGS products, we’ll donate a new coat through Operation Warm.

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Volunteer with Operation Warm. You can get involved with Operation Warm in your community!

Volunteer with Operation Warm

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