5 Takeaways from Our 2023 Social Impact Report

2023 Social Impact Report

At IGS Energy, one of our values is long-term thinking. Because we know that to make big change happen, we have to begin putting actions in place today.

In our 2023 Social Impact Report, we highlight the ways our team is focused on the future — and finding innovative ways to achieve our purpose while supporting our people, our customers, and our communities. Here’s a peek at 5 key takeaways from the report.

Scott White shares his vision

IGS Energy’s President and CEO, Scott White, shares his thoughts on the industry’s transition to renewable energy in an in-depth interview that highlights how we can reduce our carbon output by half in the next 20 years — while still providing the energy needed for mass electrification.

Jenni Kovach explains our “people-first” mentality

In an illuminating Q&A, Chief People Officer Jenni Kovach discusses how we keep the 1,600-person IGS Energy team engaged, the role of inclusivity in the IGS talent philosophy, and the importance of community partnerships (among several other key topics!).

Our biogas project takes off

To support our vision of a sustainable energy future, we began building our first manure digesters on two Midwestern dairy farms, each home to about 1,500 cows, in 2023. This summer, we’ll begin processing the manure and move the biogas produced to a centralized site, where it’ll be injected into the pipeline to serve the transportation industry.  

We’re expanding on our commercial offerings

Since starting our commercial solar work in 2014, we’ve delivered more than 100 commercial solar projects on rooftops and in fields throughout the U.S., bringing online 150 megawatts of generating power. Today, our Commercial Energy Solutions team is finding new ways to serve as an integrated partner for customers focused on sustainability, including electric vehicle charging stations.

Supporting our communities remains a top priority

In 2023, IGS Energy volunteers served almost 5,000 hours in their communities. Twenty-one of our team members traveled abroad last year to help install solar as part of our Renewable Energy Corps, a program that sends employees to Central America twice a year for installation projects and community outreach.

To learn more about each of these stories, check out the full 2023 Social Impact Report