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Casey Ford
Inbound Sales Representative

It was a routine call with a customer, until Casey learned that the woman he was talking with had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and asthma. On top of that, she’d recently lost her husband and was completely devastated. Once the conversation was over, Casey sent a card to the customer, wishing her well on her health journey, and expressing his sympathies for the loss of her husband. The customer was so moved by this gesture.

Connecting with Customers.

For Casey, treating customers like human beings is his number one priority. “I key in on something we can both relate to,” he said. “Whether it be where they’re calling from, family and friend activities, sporting events, or, of course, the weather.”

While it may sound simple, Casey’s strategy is more than that. “I come in and look to have as much fun as I can with each customer,” he said. “Making a personal connection with customers goes a long way in our business because great customer service matters – especially in an industry that can be difficult to understand!”

Our commitment to you matters.

Our commitment to our customers, our communities, and our people is to be transparent, loyal, connected, reliable, and caring. People like Casey help fill the IGS Customer Solutions Centers with passionate, dedicated people, who are ready to listen to and help our customers whenever they need it.

At IGS Energy, we stand by our word, and that word is commitment. Our customers are the reason we’re here doing what we do every single day. So whether you’re a current customer with a question or issue, a potential customer who is curious about our product offerings, or just someone curious about the energy industry, we’re here to help.

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