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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I consider IGS Energy?
The energy industry can be complicated to understand, but we believe that there are great opportunities for consumers to participate and select from plans that fit their needs and budget. That’s why we offer a variety of plans and terms. And in a marketplace where energy suppliers come and go due to ever-changing rules and regulations, IGS Energy has remained family-owned and committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences since we started in 1989. We have a team of in-house experts who have extensive experience with the energy market, monitoring, and ensuring we have the best products available. We also give back to the communities where we live and work, because we believe we have a responsibility to make a positive impact in the world.
The utility can only offer you a variable price, which is one that changes regularly, and fluctuates even more when demand is high (think turning up the furnace during the coldest days in winter). Since utilities are regulated, they can’t make money on the actual natural gas supply. They make money on the delivery through their pipes. Therefore, utilities are not incentivized in the same way competitive suppliers are to purchase the most economical natural gas for their customers. Our focus is purchasing energy when the market price of energy is low. We buy natural gas on the open market and deliver it to your utility, who then distributes it to you through their pipes. We’ll deliver the energy directly to your utility, who will continue to provide you with expert distribution, metering, billing, and emergency services. As a customer of IGS Energy, we are listed on your utility bill under the “Supply” section.
Utilities can’t offer the variety of options for products and plan lengths available from suppliers, because they aren’t incentivized to make money on the actual electricity supply. They make a profit on the transmission and distribution portions (getting the energy to your home). When you choose to work with a supplier like IGS Energy, your utility will still distribute the energy to your home. The only difference you’ll notice is a new, predictable price. As a trusted supplier since 1989, we have industry experience and commitment to providing exceptional customer care you can rely on. We’re in this to build a meaningful energy future together, which is why you’ll find a variety of innovative plans and services to give you options that work with your budget and your goals. We’re also invested in your community, since we live and work in the same areas as you.
How does IGS Energy work?
A free and open energy market brings competition, driving new innovations and efficiencies. This allows you to choose a supplier with the right price, products, service, and support to fit your energy needs.
While you can purchase your natural gas supply from IGS Energy or your utility, we’re able to provide a variety of options—notably, stable, fixed plans. Your utility can only offer variable prices that fluctuate with the market. The utility makes their money from the delivery of natural gas—actually getting the natural gas to your home. Since we offer a variety of fixed prices at various terms, we’re not in direct competition with your utility.
It’s a commitment from us, really. Because we purchase natural gas for you on the open market, having a contract in place secures your price from us and ensures that regardless of what the market does from the time you sign up, you’re protected with a great, fixed price. You’re not subjected to the unpredictability of the energy market that comes with a variable price. Fixed prices give you the ability to better plan for your monthly expenses and stay within your budget.

Once you’ve decided on the plan that’s best for you, we’ll take care of the rest. Here’s how it works.

Day 1: Sign up for one of our electricity, natural gas, and/or home warranty products. We’ll create an online account, My Account, to help you manage your communication preferences and house all of your product details in one spot.

Day 2-14: Receive a welcome letter from IGS with the terms and conditions for your selected product(s). You will receive a letter from your utility confirming your enrollment with us (if you selected electricity and/or natural gas). Don’t worry, this is just a formality. This is also when your Home Warranty product protection begins, if you selected one.

Day 30-90: It’s time to energize your home! Now IGS begins supplying your electricity and/or natural gas, and your new rate(s) will be reflected on your bill. This timing will vary by utility. You will find IGS Energy listed under the ‘supply’ section of your bill.

Day 90, 180, 365: Cheers to our anniversary! IGS will notify you 30-60 days before your electricity and/or natural gas term length is set to end, letting you know that you’re eligible to renew your product(s) and continue enjoying budget protection and peace of mind.

What should I know about fees, billing, and my account with IGS Energy?
When you purchase natural gas from IGS Energy, we deliver it directly to your residential energy utility who continues to provide you with expert distribution, metering, billing, and emergency services. In most cases, we’ll just show up as line item on your existing bill.
No, we don’t charge sign up fees.
If you cancel or enroll in service with a supplier in the middle of your billing cycle, you may have a period where one natural gas plan ends and another begins. For example, you may be with one supplier from the 1st to the 15th of the month, and start with the new supplier beginning on the 16th.
Your utility should never have any fees associated with them. Many suppliers do have cancellation fees that can be quite expensive. Before cancelling your service with your current supplier, it’s important to review your contract agreement to see if you have cancellation fees.
Depending on when your utility reads your meter, it can take 1-2 billing cycles to complete your current billing period. For example, if your meter is typically read by the utility on the 1st of the month and you sign up with us after the time it is read, it may be the following bill until you see IGS Energy listed as your supplier.
We will notify you in advance of your plan expiration and the current available options and recommendations. At the time of your contract expiration, you will be charged the price associated with your original contract terms. Depending on the state in which you live, you will continue to receive one bill with both IGS Energy’s and your utility’s charges, or you will receive two separate bills.
An ETF is an early termination fee. Plans that include these fees protect your price since we purchase the energy for our customers ahead of time. In other words, we’re making a shared commitment to ensure you get the price predictability you requested. This ensures we’re able to secure the price you requested for the duration of your term.