The Benefits of Home Automation

Person Activating Their Home Automation Devices

Intelligence Suits You: A Smart Home is a Happy Home

Did you know your home can be smart? Or maybe you’ve heard that term, but still aren’t sure how it impacts you. For starters, a smart home is equipped with devices like a smart thermostat and smart lights that can “learn” how you use your home.

This learning can do a number of things for your home like improve its efficiency. But how does it learn? Home automation devices use algorithms to predict your usage needs, form patterns around your behavior, and gather other data necessary for it to perform its task more efficiently.

Energy Efficiency fits any lifestyle

It used to be that a smart home was something only the super-wealthy could afford; the virtual assistant; a luxury that came with a hefty price-tag. But, as technology advances so quickly, the average American has ready access to algorithms that can do some truly amazing things.

By interconnecting your devices with your home’s WIFI, or other smart devices, your home becomes more efficient at heating, cooling, lighting, and, well, running. Efficiency often translates into actual dollars saved. So, the real benefit of a smart home is the potential to keep your savings in the bank.

A safer home through automation

Home automation systems exist to bring mundane or ongoing tasks into a patterned operation that can continue without you. This means you can set the smart device up and walk away—getting back to the important things in life.

But more than just freeing up time for more important things, when you bring these tasks under the guidance of a smart meter or, say, a smart thermostat, you can avoid dangerous situations. Take the right smart thermostat and carbon monoxide (CO) or smoke alarm, for instance; when the alarm senses smoke or CO, the thermostat will automatically shut off the furnace—preventing a potentially deadly situation.

As manufacturers continue to make their products smarter, the potential for savings and safety increases. The latest home connections and smart appliances are more integrated with safety and efficiency features than last years’ models.

Smart Appliances make it easy

Okay, so you can see the value of boosting your home’s IQ, but it still feels so far off. That’s fine, because with every new appliance that is made, technology is being installed for home connections. So, a great place to start making your home smarter is through new appliances you might need anyway.

Often, the cost for these new technologies is offset by the savings their efficiency creates. Like washing machines that use less water through water-saving sensors or smart lights that switch off when you’re no longer in the room.

And, since everything from ovens to irons are being created with intelligent software built-in, you can upgrade your home’s intelligence without effort. You can read more about smart appliances on our blog.

Working with IGS is smart, too

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